Adrien Broner Fined $4m For 2017 Incident In Las Vegas

Adrien Broner 2020
Adrien Broner 2020

Former four division champion Adrien Broner has is found at the bitter end of another legal lawsuit and this time, the judgement was passed in Las Vegas.

Broner, who was recently jailed in Ohio for allegedly refusing to pay a $800,000 fine, which was connected to a case back in 2018, when he was found guilty for sexually assaulting a woman in a nightclub. He ignored the fine which allowed the claimant to get a default judgement.

Broner was released after a few days time after his agreement to adhere to the Court orders. However, Broner has somehow been found guilty again with another assault charge, who’s sentence has attached a Judgement has a $4 million charge according to Las Vegas Review Journal.

Seems Broner’s past is finally catching up with him as the recent sentence is connected to a case opened back in 2017, when Broner was said to have punched an individual named Carlos Gonzalez and the guy claims the punch knocked his tooth off , rendered him unconscious and left him with injuries.

The Video of the incident was all over the internet , going viral within a couple of hours and Gonzalez quickly hired a Lawyer, filed a Lawsuit lawsuit back in 2018. Reports have it that the Boxer has history of avoiding lawsuits which prompted the District Judge Adriana Escobar to grant Him a default judgement.

“Broner’s boxing career had essentially weaponized his body, which he used to violently attack [Gonzalez],” attorney Ash Ganier wrote in court papers., according to the Las Vegas Review Journal.

“The incident itself was entirely unprovoked, and he’s really a menace to society. It’s impacted [Gonzalez’s] daily life in many different ways. We’re going to do everything we can to collect against Adrien Broner, but that’s an uphill battle, for sure.”

Broner, who has been away from the boxing ring for quite some time now was arrested over the incident and pleaded guilty for the Battery Charge.

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