Trainer Tips Roy Jones Jr To Trouble Mike Tyson With Middleweight Skill Set

Roy Jones Jr.
MASHANTUCKET, CT – AUGUST 16: Roy Jones Jr. during his match against Eric Watkins in the season two finale of NUVOtvs Knockout at Foxwoods Resort Casino on August 16, 2015 in Mashantucket, Connecticut. Jones won by a knockout in the sixth round. (Rich Schultz/Getty Images for NUVOtv)

Roy Jones Jr. was one of the fastest Boxers with incredible hand speed and foot work in his prime. However, ahead of his exibition clash with Mike Tyson, there are pending questions on whether the fighter viewed as one of the best, still has those capabilities that ones made him the best fighter in the Planet.

Jones Jr., who is presently 51 will be returning to the ring against former two time undisputed heavyweight champion Mike Tyson in an eight round exibition bout as the headlining bout of a Pay-per-view event on Nov. 28th.

Mike Tyson, who is three years older , has been inactive since losing via Knockout in the hands of Kelvin McBride back in 2005 but Jones has been far more active and had his last competitive fight as recent as 2018.

Tom Yankello, who trained Roy Jones Jr. In his active years has observed the four division champion still possesses hand speed and has even has a though on the possibility of returning to the ring after the fight with “Iron Mike”. He applauds his ability to stay in shape.

“I don’t think he would fight to just fight again. It would have to be a very presentable challenge to spark his interest again. There’s been talks, like Bernard Hopkins and Antonio Tarver were saying they would want to fight again. He didn’t really comment on it too much but I just know if one of those guys were to present that challenge, I don’t see him turning it down,” Yankello told The Sun.

“I know those two guys, and he hasn’t said this before but someone like Evander Holyfield, they would spark his interest to box again. I don’t think there’s anyone else out there, it would have to be a legend.

“His hand speed is still incredible. I don’t think his hand speed has decreased at all, he’s as fast as he was when I worked with him nine, almost ten years ago. His mobility is not maybe quite the same but he still has great agility, he’s kept himself in great shape.”

Roy Jones Jr. made a name for himself at middleweight, super middleweight, light heavyweight and Heavyweight with those attributes and those attributes were exactly the ones that really gave Tyson problems in his time as an active fighter. According to Yankelo, those are exactly what Jones Jr. will be bringing to the table, when they both share the ring on November 28th.

“A lot of the things he did in the lighter weight classes, at middleweight and super middleweight, those will be the things that he will bring to the table for this fight [with Mike Tyson]. Knowing the blueprint that has given Mike Tyson trouble in the past are things Roy does very well,” Yankello said.

“This fight is at heavyweight but he has the skillset of a middleweight or super middleweight and heavyweights are bigger guys that carry more power but the skillset of the guys at the lower weights have and still are better.”

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