Tim Bradley : Danny Garcia Is Tailor-Made For Errol Spence

Errol Spence Virtual Media Day Workout

Tim Bradley has given his take on the Errol Spence Jr Vs Danny Garcia fight coming up on the 5th of December. Live on Fox Sports Pay-per-view in front of a limited crowd at AT&T Stadium, Arlington, TX.

The former two division champion Bradley, doesn’t give Garcia (36-2, 21 KOs) a chance at defeating IBF/WBC welterweight champion Spence (26-0, 21 KOs) and believes the former has a style that is tailor made for the champion.

Bradley sees a loop hole though as the former two division champion Garcia could land one of his big left hooks and knock Spence out with it. But Bradley sees Spence avoiding Spence power by Isolating him and controlling the fight with Jabs.

“Yeah, to me, Garcia is tailormade for him,” said Bradley about Danny Garcia being made to order for Spence. “You think Spence is going to run into that?” Bradley said after imitating Danny throwing a wild left hook.

“Man, stop. He [Garcia] do got timing, but he ain’t going to land that. He ain’t landing that against Errol Spence. Errol Spence is too smooth for that. It’s not going to happen.

“Garcia is going to have a hard time getting past the jab. He eats jabs. Remember Mauricio Herrera landing a jab on him from the outside, sticking him, keeping him on the outside, and containing him?

“That’s what’s going to happen. Spence is going to control him all night, beat him on the outside. You’re going to get the real from me. I’m going to be straight up with you,” said Bradley.

However, there is a big doubt Errol Spence can stay the whole fight avoiding Danny Garcia’s punch as he has not really been a defensive kind of fighter. This means Danny could have many opportunities to land his big left hook or his straight right hand.

Spence went through a bit of an experience last year, when his Ferrari Spider got smashed to bits in an accident. There is a believe, the ordeal will play a major role in the fight and could even be the deciding factor when Garcia lands one of his big punches.

Errol Spence Danny Garcia In Ring Interview

Danny Garcia has expressed 100% confidence, he will be leaving the Ring with the IBF/WBC welterweight titles and though, expecting a 12 round battle, will watch out for opportunities to knock out the champion.

“This is my chance to become champion again,” said Danny Garcia. “Even though I feel like I won those fights [against Keith Thurman and Shawn Porter], I know what I did in those fights wrong.

“I made them too close. I know what I got to do. On December 5th, you’re going to see two champions going at it for the King of the welterweight division. I’m definitely 100% confident that I will be victorious.

“And I’m going to be ready for 12 rounds, but if he gets greedy and tries to come after me, that big punch will knock him out. I’m going to make sure I don’t make it close and just be dominant.

“Give him vintage Danny Garcia. I just think of Errol Spence as another person in front of me that I have to defeat to become king again. That’s why I look at him as another person,” said Danny

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