Mike Tyson Battles Roy Jones Jr To A Controversial Draw

Mike Tyson Roy Jones Jr Ten

Former two time Undisputed Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson (50-6, 44 KOs) and former Four Division champion Roy Jones Jr. (66-9, 47 KOs) battled to a disputed draw in their eight round exibition fight on Saturday night at the Staples Center, Los Angeles.

Most Fans and spectators saw Mike Tyson as the winner of the fight but the scores weren’t officially announced and there were just too many rules with the Gloves looking more like a super size watermelon. The judge’s Chad Dawson, Christy Martin and Vinny Pazienza, all former Boxers scored the fight (76-76 for the draw by Martin, 79-73 for Tyson by Dawson and 80-76 for Jones by Pazienza.)

Tyson, who retired from the sport back in 2005, went after Jones Jr. who was stoking and moving and would opt to hold Tyson ones connected to Tyson’s punches as the 54 year Old kept throwing more punches.

The 51 year old Jones, who remained active and only retired in 2018, was mostly holding and as the fight wore on there was more holding while Tyson kept charging in with big shots in the second round. The third round was more of the same.

Tyson was able to do his work from the inside and hurt Jones Jr. with a left hook but the former Four Division champion was able to either that storm. Tyson was the most busier of the two, constantly landing big shots and by the sixth, Jones Jr. seemed exhausted.

Jones came to life in the seventh round, letting his hands go but Tyson replied with big shots of his own at forced the 51 year old back to his holding.

The final two minutes of the fight saw Tyson, going for a KO, while Jones kept moving out of Harm’s way with his movements. Tyson stalked Jones Jr. till the remaining seconds ran out triggering his anger.


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