Leon Edwards To Dana White On Khamzat : Am Smashing Your Boy


Leon Edwards Celebrates Victory

Leon Edwards is on an eight fight winning streak and fully understands a victory over undefeated Khamzat Chimaev on the 19th of December, could land him a title shot in 2021.

Edwards saw his plans for the soiled by the Corona Virus pandemic earlier this year due to limited options but has now been able to seal a fight with Chimaev, who is presently on a three fight winning streak, with all three coming by way of finishes.

Chimaev, is presently unranked but has been able to build up a good hype which Edwards is able to relate to as it has also made the fight much more appealing.

“Outside a title shot, I believe he’s the biggest fight,” Edwards told MMA Fighting on Wednesday. “Obviously, [Jorge] Masvidal would have been good as well, but he turned the fight down. This is the biggest fight to guarantee me what’s next.

“That was my thinking going into this. The UFC loves him. Dana [White] loves him. They all think he can’t be beat. When I go out there and take him out, I can’t see what they can say next to give me my title shot. I’d be on a nine-fight win streak. I believe this was the fight to make and now here we are.”

Chimaev has also found favour in the side of the UFC President Dana White, who has praised the Russian Born fighter, tipping him to become a star in the UFC.

“The guy is special,” White said about Chimaev in September. “I’ve been in this game my whole life, I’ve never seen anything like him. I’m telling you the guy is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Never seen anything like this in my life. Special.”

Chimaev would definitely be on his way to stardom in the promotion, if he is able to seal a victory over a top welterweight like Edwards in just his fourth fight and that might definitely play into the plans of the Promotion.

However, Edwards believes he will just be two much for the 26 year old prospect and either ways he sees him getting smashed up by a top ranked welterweight.

“I know the UFC’s probably banking, Dana anyway, I know he’s praying that this kid wins, but I’ll be way too much for him in there, I’m telling you,” Edwards said.

“They’ve done this before with other fighters. They’d get one, two good wins in their career and the UFC kind of pushed them straight to the top, and then they get beat. Like in boxing, if you’re a good prospect, they kind of build you slowly, make you learn the tricks of the trade and go through adversity. They’ve done it to many other fighters you can name. It’s not worked out.”

Leon  Edwards

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