Jose Mourinho – Tottenham Boss In Better Control Over Emotions

Manchester Boss Jose Mourinho Gestures At Juventus Fans
Manchester Boss Jose Mourinho Gestures At Juventus Fans

Jose Mourinho will be going up against Slaven Bilic’s West Bromwich Albion on Saturday, which might present his side with the opportunity to go top of the Premier League table. However, the Portugese maintains, he has more control over his emotions than back in 2016, when he met Bilic’s West Ham.

A frustrated Mourinho, was sent to the stands after kicking a water bottle, while in charge of Manchester United in their 1-1 draw four years ago against Bilic’s West Ham United at Old Trafford.

Mourinho, who is presently preparing his in form Tottenham Hotspur against the Hawthorns, believes he has more control over his emotions than when they last met and can better handle the pressure that comes with his passion for the Sport.

“The good thing is that – for a long, long, long, long time – I didn’t get a suspension or a ban,” Mourinho, who admits it is “sometimes” very hard to stay calm, said. “I haven’t lost my passion, but I am more experienced and have more emotional control.”

Kicking the bottle was a reaction from the Portugese, after Paul Pogba got yellow carded for a simulation and his Red Card was called harsh by Slaven Bilic. A statement Mourinho could also relate with, making reference to his huge experience and the fact that he is a “Football Guy”.

jose mourinho Smashes Water Bottles
jose mourinho Smashes Water Bottles

Jose Mourinho’s side will have a chance to top the Premier League table, even though it’s only for a few hours. An event the Portugese has admitted, he will love to see, despite refusing to count his Spurs side as title contenders this season.

“It’s nice. We are not going to hide that you always look at the table and where you are,” he said. “If you look through clinical, cynical eyes, you see that [being top] doesn’t mean a lot; the league is so compact.

Before the West Brom clash on Sunday, Spurs will take on Ludogorets in Bulgaria and will look to bounce back from their disappointing loss to Royal Antwerp a week ago. Mourinho as usual had taken some time to criticise his players for the loss in an Instagram post.

“Bad performances deserve bad results. Hope everyone in this bus is as upset as I am. Tomorrow 11AM training.”

The post got some reaction from critics and pundits. However, the Portuguese made clear his statements, saying his jibe had no intentions behind them. “No, that was not the objective,” he said. “I am not an Instagram man in my nature. I have to be honest. I’ve nothing to hide.

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