David Haye Advices Joyce Over Dubois Power




Dubois Joyce Faceoff
Dubois Joyce Faceoff

Former two division champion David Haye has given his take on that Daniel Dubois Vs Joe Joyce showdown coming up this weekend and has with that, given an advice that could shake the preceding’s of the fight.

According to the former Heavyweight Champion, Joyce will have to change his mind set and tighten his defences heading into this fight, if he is to come out victorious against Joyce in their upcoming 12 round battle.

Joyce was signed to Haye’s promotional company after his exploit at the Rio Olympics and that gave Haye the opportunity to see him Spar but despite his talents, his disregard for Dubois power might comeback hunting him when they both share the ring on Saturday night. However, he believes his return to his trainer Ismael Silas might be a helpful factor.

“The only weakness I saw was that he didn’t seem to mind getting hit,” Haye said. “He gave everyone a very tough spar. The only person I saw have any real success against him was Lawrence Okolie, who is a quick, fast cruiserweight who can box well inside. Others he was able to walk down. It is hard to put a dent in him when he has a headguard and big gloves. I am hoping that bringing in Salas has meant he has got moving more.”

Haye sees the two Heavyweights, handing the boxing world a triller on Saturday night. Analysing their styles, Haye pointed out that Dubois has a better defence than Joe, who believes in his punch resistance and sees Dubois giving issues to Joe as age might also come in as a factor.

“Neither are known for their punch evasion. You don’t look at either and think ‘what a great defence’. They’ve both been tagged, they’ve both been hurt and they have both come back to win.

“Of the two, Dubois’s defence is a bit better, he keeps his hands higher. Joe has shown a disregard to punches coming at him. He relies on his punch resistance, which is all well and good until you fight someone who is 23 and a knockout specialist.

“Joyce has to take the mindset away from ‘take two or three to land mine’. That works against a certain opposition but when you start moving up the rankings and face fighters like Dubois, who has knocked almost everyone out.

Joyce is confident, he will be defeating Dubois in this clash and his team too have that beleive this as they has to take a sizeable pay cut to make the fight happen. Haye believes, it’s more of desperation as age too is no longer a luxury for Joyce, who will be looking to land big fights.

“This is the perfect opportunity for Joe Joyce to gate crash the top five in the division,” Haye said.

“This will push him towards the top of the pile if he wins. His team are very confident. They see something in Dubois they can capitalise on.”

“Joe Joyce had to take it, he’s at the age of 35 and he couldn’t wait another 18 months to make it move,” Haye said. “If the move isn’t made now he might miss the boat, it might get to the point where he is too old and it won’t happen.”

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