Chelsea Vs Tottenham : Spurs Ain’t Scared Of The Blues

Jose Mourinho Hojbjerg Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Hotspur go head to head against Chelsea as they both battle for the top spot of the Premier League and hope to retain their unbeaten away record and get their six straight victory in all competitions.

The Blues are also pilling up an unbeaten record of their own and a win over the Spurs will be their seventh in a row. This should bring up fears for both sides but Jose Mourinho says no to that, making clear his side has no fear for any team, only respect.

“You’ll have to ask Frank if they fear us or not,” he said. “But I don’t think fear is the right word at this level. We don’t fear anyone.”

“We respect their potential and I think they respect our potential. Honestly, I don’t think they believe they are going to play an easy opponent,” Mourinho said.

“I would love them to feel that way, but I don’t think they do. Frank is a man with a lot of experience in football and I think they know we are a difficult team that is capable to go there and win.”

While talking about how much money both clubs , were able to spend during the transfer window. Mourinho, whose side are presently two points above Chelsea was straight to the point.

The Portugese was clear his side had no provisions to compete with other clubs in terms of spending with Chelsea for example, spending over 160m more than Spurs during the transfer window.

“We don’t have the conditions, like some clubs, to do the crazy market,” he said.
“We have to do the wise market, and we did it. We improved the team’s potential,”

“If potential is higher, the expectations are higher. But we are not focussed on the table. The table is something we are going to look at when the season is finished,”

Mourinho has always been able to win a league in his second season in charge of any club, except during his time Manchester United and things are certainly playing towards that direction and having lead the Premier League table before the Liverpool draw with Brighton on Saturday. The Portuguese believes it’s a moral boost.

“We are confident because we work hard, but of course good results help you feel much better and give you more confidence to play better,” he said.

Spirit is positive,” he said. “The players have a great relationship between them, myself and my staff. We try to be their bosses but at the same time integrate that spirit.”

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