WBC Set To Hold Talks With Tyson Fury Over Dillian Whyte Saga

WBC Set To Hold Talks With Tyson Fury Over Dillian Whyte Saga

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The World Boxing Council (WBC) will are looking forward to having a meeting with their heavyweight champion Tyson Fury over his Championship status according to President Mauricio Sulaiman.

The Brit, who in his last outing dethroned Deontay Wilder in their rematch back on February 22nd to win the WBC heavyweight title, thereby inheriting the Mandatory challenger Dillian Whyte. Who has also been the WBC No. 1 since 2018.
Dillian Whyte, who also holds the WBC interim title has been waiting for his shot since last year when the fight was ordered by the sanctioning body. However, sensing his status might be neglected after the trilogy with Wilder, has taken legal action against the WBC in a bid to to enforce his mandatory shot, which is due by 2021.

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Tyson Fury will have to settle his contractual obligations with Deontay Wilder, a fight initially scheduled for July 18th but the Corona Virus Pandemic came into the picture, bringing all things sports to a stand still for some months. Despite the gradual positive look of things Fury Wilder 3 won’t be possible till the last three months of the year and with that might possibly delay Whyte’s title shot.

The WBC could also make Fury a franchise champion, a status that elevates him above Mandatory fights and will also promote Dillian Whyte into a full championship status.

The WBC already have two Franchise champions Canelo Alvarez and Vasily Lomachenko.

“We are addressing every weight category separately. The WBC is in the process of contacting every champion to assess their current status and plans. The WBC will be looking into each category and will review each case and rule taking into consideration the variables that have to do with each case,” Sulaiman told Sky Sports.

Bob Arum, Fury’s promoter has also made clear he won’t be allowing his fighter to get tied up with Mandatories and has promised to talk sanctioning bodies into postponing the Mandatories for at-least one year.

“These organisations will be cognizant that the mandatories must be pushed into the future because fighters, for at least three months, had no ability to fight. Then after those three months, the fights will be without spectators,” Arum said to Sky Sports. 

“We will be talking to the organisations to eliminate mandatories, or to postpone them all for at least one year. I am sick and tired of being forced, with my marquee fighters, to fight meaningless fights against mandatories that mean nothing.”

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