Jose Pedraza Vs Mikkel LesPierre Cancelled Due To Positive COVID 19 Result

Jose Pedraza Vs Mikkel LesPierre Cancelled Due To Positive COVID 19 Result

Jose Pedraza Vs Mikkel LesPierre


Jose Pedraza vs Mikkel LesPierre both tested negative in the pre fight COVID 19 test ahead of their main event 10-round junior welterweight fight at MGM Grand Conference Center in Las Vegas on Thursday night.

However things went sideways after LesPierre’s manager, Josie Taveras tested positive to COVID 19 and forced the fight cancelled due to the regulations put up by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, which states that – a fight must at least be postponed, if one person in a fighters camp test positive to COVID 19.

“We’re looking to reschedule the fight for July 14th,” Carl Moretti, Top Rank’s vice president of operations, told “If both camps agree to that date, that’s when we’ll do the fight.”


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This is the third time in just a few weeks that fights have been cancelled due to a fighter or someone in camp testing positive to COVID 19. Just recently a 10 round Junior welterweight battle between Mikaela Mayer (12-0, 5 KOs) and Helen Joseph (17-4-2, 10 KOs) scheduled for 9th of June got cancelled after Mikaela tested positive to COVID 19.

Assuming the fight between Puerto Rico’s Pedraza (26-3, 13 KOs) and Brooklyn’s LesPierre (22-1-1, 10 KOs) gets rescheduled for July 14, then it will also feature the fight between Mikaela Mayer and Helen Joseph.

“I am devasted,” LesPierre said in a statement released by Top Rank on Thursday afternoon. “This was my opportunity to showcase my talent to the world, but everything happens for a reason. This is just another roadblock in my story. I apologize to Jose and his team for any inconvenience this caused. He is a great boxer, and I hope we can reschedule the fight as soon as possible.”

LesPierre, who remained an employee of Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, was out at the front lines during the heat of the Corona Virus pandemic but remained healthy during the period, up until the time the fight got cancelled.

The Top Rank event is set to move on with Gabriel Flores Jr. (17-0, 6 KOs) vs Josec Ruiz (21-2-3, 14 KOs) as main event. A Junior Lightweight clash that was supposed to be part of the first six fights on the Main Card.

Jose Pedraza Vs Mikkel LesPierre

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