Anthony Smith’s Corner Should Have Stop Fight In After Fourth Round -Dana White

Anthony Smith’s Corner Should Have Stop Fight In After Fourth Round -Dana White  

Glover Teixeira snags Anthony Smith UFC on ESPN+ 29


The UFC successfully staged another successful event during this awful Corona Virus Pandemic and this specifically ended with a big Upset. Veteran contender Glover Teixeira delivered a one-sided beating to win a fifth round TKO over Top Contender Anthony Smith at UFC on ESPN+ 29.

However, despite living up to his nickname “Lion Heart” and accepting so much damage, UFC President Dana White believes his corner should have ended the fight and that he stuck around longer than expected.

Smith suffered a knockdown in the third round and was brutally beaten by Teixeira in the fourth but was allowed to go back for the fifth round despite complaining to his corner , his teeth were falling off.

“First of all, Teixeira looked great,” White said about the main event on the UFC post-fight show. “He’s in the best shape I’ve seen him in, in a long time. Smith, tough, durable like we know he is. I thought the corner wouldn’t let [Smith] come out for the fifth round.”


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Smith was so brutally beaten, he had blood streaming down his face after the fight courtesy of 202 strikes in the space is 20+ minutes in the cage with Teixeira.

“He was spitting his teeth out,” White said about Smith. “I’m no doctor, but I would bet anything he’s got a broken orbital. Every time he would get hit, he would react to it and turn away. I thought his corner wouldn’t let him go out for the fifth.”

The fight eventually ended 1:04 into the fifth round after Teixeira took down Smith and pounded him till the referee Jason Herzog had no choice but to intervene.

Smith, who was later transfered to a nearby Hospital on a stretcher after the fight confirmed to UFC partners ESPN, that he was badly injured in the fight.

There has been a lot of criticism which arose from the fact that the fight should have been stopped and the fact that his corner allowed him to go out for the fifth round despite the amount of damage and his compliant about losing his teeth.

Anthony Smith Vs Glover Teixeira

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