Cris Cyborg Opposes Dana White’s Fight Island Plans Amid Pandemic

Cris Cyborg Opposes Dana White’s Fight Island Plans Amid Pandemic 

Cris Cyborg UFC weigh in


Former UFC featherweight champion and present Bellator featherweight Cris Cyborg isn’t in support of Dana White insistently trying to stage events during the Corona Virus Pandemic and aired out her opinion in her recent interview on The No Sports Report With Jensen Karp.

The Former UFC Champ believes that everyone has to comply with the Social Distancing rules and get Quarantine as this could be the only way forward. She also thinks White should show support and not be constantly thinking of how to stage events that might end up putting people in danger.

“Everybody has to be quarantined,” Cyborg said. “It’s the rules for everyone. You know a lot of people don’t want to be home. A lot of people are struggling now, and I think he personally should do something (other) than just think about himself and boxing and MMA fights. … I think it’s better to wait, like everyone – respect everyone.”

She brings up the argument that accepting a fight encapsulates everybody around you, including family, friends and everybody associated with the fighter and in a case this dangerous could put everyone around the fighter at risk.

“Even though the fighters have to be together for training, you could say, ‘OK, I’m going to make an event now.’ Do you think if you (did) say, ‘OK, Cris, you’re going to have a fight,’ I’m going to have to make my team?” Cyborg said. “You know, I have to put my team together. We are going to be together, training. Then you put the risk of the family around you. You know, I think you had to wait and have respect for the process. Be patient.”

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Cris Cyborg has always been on the opposite side when it comes to Dana White’s point of view and despite meeting face to face for most of her time under the UFC Umbrella, they never seemed to get in the same page and after losing her featherweight title to Amanda Nunes back in December 2018, things between them got worst.

According to White, Cyborgs didn’t want an immediate rematch with Amanda Nunes a statement the Brazilian denied and in the her post fight interview at UFC 240, she clearly verbally opposed White, questioning him face to face. White, some days later posted a video on YouTube announcing the release of Cyborg from the promotion.

Cyborg made a switch to Bellator since her release and has since competed ones, defeating  Former champion Julia Dude at Bellator 238 to win the 145 pound title.

Cris Cyborg Beats Julia Dude at Bellator 238

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