Robert Helenius Batters And Stops Adam Kownacki To Win WBA Eliminator

Robert Helenius Batters And Stops Adam Kownacki To Win WBA Eliminator



Robert Helenius shocked the boxing world by executing a big upset over polish Contender Adam Kownacki in front of a packed crowd of Polish Fans at the Barclays Centre on Saturday night in Brooklyn.

Helenius was looked exusted after receiving a couple of flush punches but replied with a devastating right hand that sent Kownacki tumbling to the canvas in the fourth round of their WBA Heavyweight title eliminator. Kownacki made it back to his feet but was totally dis-stabilized by the blow and Helenius pounced on his already vulnerable victim to force a stoppage.

Helenius battered Kownacki with continous unanswered punches that forced the referee David Fields intervene in the Fox main event. The heavily favoured fighter was still on his feet when the fight was stopped.

“I knew that I hit him hard and I knew I just had to continue,” Helenius told FOX’s Heidi Androl in the ring following his upset victory. “I knew he was still hurt after that punch.
“He just kept coming and coming. He’s a good fighter – I have to give it to him. My strength is to punch back when people come at me. It was a good fight and a tremendous opportunity for me to be here.”

Kownacki had a lot of success before that faithful fourth round that saw him crumble after receiving a right hand and then a short, left from Helenius and after getting back to his feet and trying to fight his way out of trouble but got finished off.

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Before that faithful round, Kownacki who used a face defensive tragedy that left him open to incoming punches from Helenius, was well on his way to a Knockout. Helenius connected a two punch combination that sent Kownacki to the canvas but was ruled a slip by the referee, however he wasn’t going to last much longer.

Two right hands by Kownacki sent Robert Helenius to the ropes after a minute into the third round and despite his efforts to escape the shots from Kownacki,he couldn’t stop him from using his come forward aggressive approach and throwing hard punches to his head.

The second round was very entertaining, with Helenius using a flurry to stop Kownacki from coming forward but that didn’t seem to hurt the polish heavyweight, who was patient enough to wait for an opening where he landed a flurry of his own before the interesting but sloppy round ended.

Kownacki went after Helenius immediately the opening bell was heard, connecting a right hand that sent Helenius into the ropes few minutes into the opening round but Helenius didn’t seem hurt by those shots. Helenius mostly fought on the back foot for most of the opening round.

Speaking after the fight, Kownacki just connected a good shot and that he was mostly upset with himself.

“He hit me with a good shot,” Kownacki said. “I knew what was going on, but I’m just upset with myself. It is what it is.”

Adam Kownacki Vs Robert Helenius Images 

Kownacki Helenius WBA Heavyweight eliminator

Kownacki Helenius

Adam Kownacki Vs Robert Helenius

Adam Kownacki

Adam Kownacki Robert Helenius

Adam Kownacki Pressure Robert Helenius

Robert Helenius Brawls with Adam Kownacki

Adam Kownacki

Robert Helenius - Adam Kownacki

Robert Helenius drops Adam Kownacki

Robert Helenius stops Adam Kownacki

Robert Helenius defeats Adam Kownacki

Adam Kownacki Vs Robert Helenius

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[…] let the hell lose on Helenius and looked well on his way to winning the fight by knockout before Helenius dropped Kownacki in the fourth round and ended up winning the fight by Knockout at the Barclays […]