Kimbo Slice Would Knockout Deontay Wilder – Baby Slice

Kimbo Slice Would Knockout Deontay Wilder – Baby Slice

Dropped Deontay Wilder


Kevin Ferguson Jr. A.K.A. Baby Slice believes that his father “Kimbo Slice” would have been a very good match for Former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder and might end up knocking him out, if the two were ever to meet in the Boxing ring.

Kimbo, who was among the first YouTube stars made his way to lime light with his Back yard brawls which, ended up taking him as far as competing in the then EliteXC, Bellator and UFC with notable wins over MMA legends Tank Abbott and Ken Shamrock.

Kimbo also made his way to the World of Boxing, guided by legendary promoter Gary Shaw and went on to accumulate a 7-0 record with 6 knockouts. Kimbo seemed destined for big accomplishments in the boxing world but had his last boxing fight in 2013 then focused his energy and resources on MMA, where he was getting more money from.

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Ferguson then had his last MMA fight in 2016 and then died shortly after, due to a heart issue at the age of 42. Baby Slice however, believes that his father would give Deontay Wilder problems , if he were trained by a world class coach.

“I actually think he [Kimbo] would do really good. Deontay doesn’t throw a lot of punches. He throws that one-two. You get hit with that and there will be problems. But I think if he [Kimbo] actually trained with a high-level coach and he actually put in the work, I think he would do great against Wilder. I think he might even knock him out, honestly,” Ferguson said to Bloody Elbow. 

“My dad was like me, or I guess I get it from him, where he didn’t like training. He didn’t train for his fights. He didn’t run, he didn’t train. All he did was lift weights. He’d go in there and handle business on pure gifts. I just imagine if he actually was serious and put in the work it would have been a whole ‘nother story in boxing and MMA.”

Kevin Ferguson Kimbo Slice

Baby Slice also believes that his father did so much for the Boxing and MMA community but has been given little credit for them, even went as far as mentioning a few.

“He contributed a lot to MMA. He put it on the map. He was the first televised fighter in MMA on CBS, on a national network. He broke records. Even in the UFC he broke records,” said Ferguson. 

“I think he did a lot. Now they have bareknuckle boxing and that’s becoming real big, and I think he did a lot for that as well. Coming from the streets.”

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