Conor McGregor’s View On Corona Virus, Drops Solution

Conor McGregor’s View On Corona Virus, Drops Solution

Conor McGregor Smilea


UFC Former two division champion Conor McGregor has released his view of the ravaging Virus Corona Virus and has also given his view on a possible solution to the Pandemic.

The former Irish champ described the issues with the ravaging pandemic as a serious one and calls on everyone to unite in the fight against the Virus. Though he sees the fight against the virus as a though one, he believes measures to fight it are things we have to do.

McGregor calls for an immediate total lockdown in his country, Ireland and around the world.

“While we are all currently debating a full lockdown, I feel that we must,” McGregor said. “Any time spent debating this is needless time from the clock. I know a good, tough fight when I see one, and we have one on our hands now. I want to call upon my people – the great people of Ireland. This fight needs us all. We’re all in the red corner together, awaiting the bell. Let’s gather together and ring the bell ourselves, including the people of the rest of the world. A true lockdown must begin, and it must begin now – a true lockdown together, a lockdown united.”

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McGregor believes that Ireland is privileged as they have a clear view of what’s coming and could take preventive measures against a potential devastation, which if neglected won’t bring a different results.

“We have the advantage here in that we can see this coming,” McGregor said. “We can see this coming. But if we do not act on our advantage, we cannot expect different results. … Ireland, we’ve got this. Not only do we have the formula, we have it ahead of time. Let’s go, Ireland. Let’s go, rest of the world. Lock down united. Together we stand. God bless us all.”

Corona Virus – COVID 19 is ravaging the Human race with about 400000 cases recorded already and 17000 deaths world wide. In the US, the cases are now about 48000 with the count increase daily.

India have already decided to go on a full lockdown from 2:30 pm ET which would push the amount of people affected by the partial and total lockdown to 2.5 billion

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