UFC 246 : Conor McGregor Plans To Create Magic Against Donald Cerrone

UFC 246 : Conor McGregor Plans To Create Magic Against Donald Cerrone 

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor heads back to the Octagon with to face Donald Cerrone at UFC 246, a Welterweight fight which according to him kicks off his personal fighting season which he plans to use in rejuvenating his career and in that, plans starting out with a win. 

McGregor also claims to have had Many options at 155 and also had to pick a division but took a Welterweight clash against Cerrone because it made more sense and looked perfect for his second fight in the Octagon since 2016.

The former two weight champion is happy to fight at Welterweight and had no issues fighting Cerrone at Lightweight and accepted the fight at the weight because he feels He is better fighting at 170 than 155. 

“I know, I could have (made his life more difficult),” he admitted. “I just don’t think he looks well at 155. He’s a 170 fighter. I’d beat him at any weight. I’d beat him if I had the flu. I don’t need that. I just want to focus on my training and keep me sharp. I don’t want to cut and then build and then cut. I’m happy where I’m at.”

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Conor McGregor views his Welterweight fight with Donald Cerrone as one that opens up a huge possibility for big fights in 2020 and didn’t hesitate in naming the fighters he will love to face in his new division. 

“170 is an exciting one for me,” he explained. “I like 170. I like what’s going on in the 170 division at the minute. You’ve got Jorge with that (‘BMF’) belt, you’ve got the other guys fighting for the belt. I like all of what’s going on at 170, and I feel good at 170. I feel energetic – it’s what I weigh, and that’s it. It opens up so many more options, right?”

Conor McGregor for one’s isn’t going to into the fight with a grudge against Donald Cerrone and made clear he only respects the fighter and took the fight because he loved returning to the Octagon in a fight Friendly match-up. 

“Well, I said I would fight him, right?” he said. “Me and Donald have a history. Not a long history, but we’ve had a history. It’s an exciting bout. It’s a fan-friendly bout. It’s a fight that excites me.  

“I appreciate Donald, I have to say. He’s fought a lot of times since the last time I saw him, at the (Jose) Aldo press conference many, many years ago. He’s gone on and fought so many times. He’s also a family man, with his grandmother and these things. I appreciate that. And I also appreciate his method he went about it, with the Proper whiskey. So much work goes into these things – to see that bit of respect, I appreciate that. I look forward to having a good bout.”

The Former featherweight and lightweight Champion looks forward to the fight, promised action, a good performance and most of all promises magic, something he is known to do in the past. 

“I’m happy to come back and have my comeback fight in the beginning of my season against Donald, and I look forward to it,” he said. “It’s going to be a good night, and I’m going to shine here on Jan. 18. I’m going to create magic inside the octagon, like I have done many times before. But this time it’s going to be something special.”

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