UFC Busan : Korean Zombie Batters And Stops Frankie Edgar In One Round

UFC Busan : Korean Zombie Batters And Stops Frankie Edgar In One Round

Korean Zombie KOs rankie Edgar

Chan Sung Jung sent a stunning message to every contender in the UFC featherweight division with a first round demolition of former lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar at UFC Busan. 

In the headlining bout, Sung Jung solidified his position as the No. 1 featherweight, battering Edgar in front of his hometown crowd before stopping at exactly 3: 15 minutes of the first round. 

Both fighters looked prepared for lasting battled as they both walked in to the arena. Chan Sung Jung going in with his trademark song Cranberries’ hit song “Zombie,” while Edgar made a huge run in showing his preparedness. 

Both fighters looked to start the fight with a fast pace, while Edgar started out with a left kick, the Korean Zombie prefaced hanging behind his left Jab and waiting patiently to land a counter shot. Edgar then tried to pick another approach, pushing for a take sound but was easily manhandled by Jung.

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Edgar choosed to go back to his leg kicks but that spelled doom for him, as he was countered by a left hand, wobbling him and while he tried to hang on, Jung starched him with a rain of blows, pouring out his all on him.

Edgar bloodied by the Korean, found his way back to his feet but Jung sensed the end and landed a combination that sent Edgar back to the canvas, then followed it up with a barrage of punches that Marc Goddard felt he had seen enough and waved the fight off.


Chan Sung Jung  KOs rankie Edgar

Chan Sung Jung  KOs rankie Edgar 2

Chan Sung Jung  KOs rankie Edgar 3

Chan Sung Jung

Chan Sung Jung  2

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