Sergey Kolalev Vs Anthony Yarde Press Conference Photos

Sergey Kolalev Vs Anthony Yarde Video HD Highlights 

Sergey Kolalev Anthony Yarde
WBO light heavyweight Champion Sergey Kolalev take on mandatory challenger Anthony Yarde on the 24th of August in his hometown of Chelyabinsk, Russia.

Kovalev will be defending his title for the first time since winning the title back from eleiEle Alvarez in a rematch in February, after losing the title via knockout to him in October.

Yarde is younger and as usual should possess more energy than Kovalev who is 36 and is almost at the closing stage of his career but Yarde has never been with an opponent of Kovalev’s caliber.

Uncertainty looms over the fight because the Brit will be fighting away from home and in a hostile territory like Russia. He will be fighting against Odds.

Press Conference Photos

Sergey Kolalev Anthony Yarde

Sergey Kolalev Anthony Yarde

Anthony Yarde

Sergey Kolalev

Check Back On the 24th For Video HD Highlights And Recap

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Fight Card (Results) 

Main Event : Sergey Kovalev vs. Anthony Yarde, 12 rounds, for Kovalev’s WBO light heavyweight title

  • Ilunga Makabu vs. Aleksei Papin
  • Evgeny Romanov vs. Dario German Balmaceda
  • Eduard Skavynskyi vs. Idd Pialari
  • Erzhan Turgumbekov vs. Heorhii Lashko
  • Akzhol Sulaimanbek Uulu vs. Milner Marcano
  • Andrey Sirotkin vs. Azizbek Abdugofurov
  • Meiirim Nursultanov vs. Artur Osipiv
  • Enriko Gogokhia vs. Rafik Harutjunjan
  • Dmitry Ryzhykh vs. Javokhirbek Karimov
  • Grigory Varasyan vs. Alexey Tukhtarov
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