Michael Bisping Will Bet On Amanda Nunez Beating Henry Cejudo

Michael Bisping Will Bet On Amanda Nunez Beating Henry Cejudo 

Amanda Nunez Henry Cejudo

Former UFC middleweight champion Micheal Bisping believes a fight between  Amanda Nunez and Henry Cejudo in a Man vs Woman, Champ Vs Champ fight will go in favor of Nunez and he is ready to put his money on it.

“I like it. I mean I’m not for a woman fighting a man or beating a man up. I like what he’s saying, but I kinda wanna see Nunes. I think I’d put my money on Nunes in that fight. I honestly would. I think I would put my money on Amanda Nunes in that fight,” Bisping said,
per MMA News’ Fernando Quiles Jr. 


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“Henry Cejudo is 5 foot 4. Amanda Nunes is 5 foot 8. I’m not saying she’s thick, but she’s big. She’s bigger than Henry Cejudo. She has knockout power. I’ve seen Cyborg spar with men and dominate men. I have seen Cyborg in the gym rolling with men and beating men. And I have seen Amanda Nunes go out there and punch Cyborg in the face and knock her flat on her face.”

This hilarious comments from Bisping came up after Henry Cejudo started calling out female UFC fighters in a recent interview with TMZ.

“If Amanda Nunes wants to get it too? Valentina [Shevchenko]? I’m calling you guys out too. I take no prisoners,” Cejudo said earlier this month.

The 31 year old Amanda Nunez is the only fighter in the UFC, currently holding two World titles (bantamweight and featherweight) and she is considered the most dominant female in UFC history.

Henry Cejudo is the first ever flyweight and bantamweight champion in UFC history, a feet he attained after knocking out Marlon Moraes at UFC 238 to win the UFC Bantamweight Title.

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