Highlights : Italy Trash Jamaica 5 – 0 To Reach RO16 (FIFA Women’s World Cup)

Jamaica 0 – 5 Italy Football Highlights

(FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019) 
Venue : Parc des Princes
Date : 14th June


      Key Moments Recap :
      Goal : 12′ 0 – 1 (pen.) Cristiana Girelli

      Jamaica goalkeeper Sydney Schneider dives left…
      Cristiana Girelli goes the other way and rolls the penalty into the corner of the net.
      Italy lead but Jamaica will feel very hard done by.

      Goal : 25′ 0 – 2 Cristiana Girelli
      Cristiana Girelli at the double.
      Horrendous defending from Jamaica, allowing a corner to skip right across the box for Girelli to stick her leg out and divert the ball inside the far post via her thigh.
      Over an hour for the Juventus striker to get her hat-trick.

      Goal : 46′ 0 – 3 Cristiana Girelli
      It is a disastrous start to the second half for Jamaica.
      Manuela Giugliano lumps a high, hanging ball to the six yard box, goalkeeper Sydney Schneider comes for a punch but is beaten to the jump by Cristiana Girelli to head home her third of the match.
      All over. Italy are heading to the last 16.

      Goal : 71′ 0 – 4 Aurora Galli
      There seems to be no problem when Lisa Boattin lays the ball off for fellow sub
      Aurora Galli 25 yards out.
      Juve’s Galli takes a touch to get the ball out of her feet and then leathers a rocket of a drive into the top corner.
      Jamaica goalkeeper Sydney Schneider got a touch, but it had way too much power on it.
      That is a contender for goal of the tournament.

      Goal : 81′ 0 – 5 Aurora Galli
      And it’s five!
      The Jamaica defensive line is all over the place, allowing Manuela Giugliano to slip a pass through.
      Sub Aurora Galli is onto it, going round goalkeeper Sydney Schneider before lashing in a finish into an open net.
      It’s getting ugly for the Reggae Girlz now.


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      Goals (0 – 5) And Cards
      ⚽12′ 0 – 1 (pen.) Cristiana Girelli
      🌕12′ Sydney Schneider
      ⚽25′ 0 – 2 Cristiana Girelli
      ⚽46′ 0 – 3 Cristiana Girelli
      🌕59′ Khadija Shaw
      ⚽71′ 0 – 4 Aurora Galli
      ⚽81′ 0 – 5 Aurora Galli
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      Video HD Highlights below

      Line Up

      Jamaica    : Schneider, Campbell, Plummer, Allyson Swaby, Blackwood, Adamolekun, Solaun, Chantelle Swaby, Asher, Shaw, Grey.
      Subs: McClure, Silver, Hudson-Marks, Shim, Sweatman, Brown, Cameron, Bond-Flasza, Carter, Patterson, Matthews, Jamieson.
      Italy make two changes to the star

      Italy   : Giuliani, Guagni, Gama, Linari, Bartoli, Bergamaschi, Giugliano, Cernoia, Sabatino, Girelli, Bonansea.
      Subs: Marchitelli, Galli, Rosucci, Parisi, Tarenzi, Serturini, Fusetti, Boattin, Mauro, Giacinti, Tucceri, Pipitone.

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