Highlights : France 2 – 1 Norway (FIFA Women’s World Cup)

France 2 – 1 Norway Football Highlights

(FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019) 
Venue : Allianz Riviera , France
Date : 12th June


      Key Moments Recap :
      Goal : 46′ Valerie Gauvin 1 – 0

      Oh what a start from the French! The Norwegians look shell-shocked.
      It’s simple but effective. A swinging cross in from Amel Majri from the left is smashed straight in by Valerie Gauvin, who had stepped in front of Chelsea centre-back Maria Thorisdottir.

      Goal : 54′ 1 – 1 (o.g.) Wendie Renard
      OH MY WORD. What is she doing!? Of all the people, Wendie Renard…
      It’s an absolute howler. A shocker. Quick, delete! Rewind!
      A pretty harmless ball is sent in from the left and the French centre-back has nobody behind her. She either doesn’t get a shout, or doesn’t hear it, and ends up practically passing the ball into her own net.
      It’s a comedy error and even Renard has to smile afterwards but that’s a big, big goal for Norway!

      Goal : 72′ Eugenie Le Sommer (pen.) 2 – 1
      Nicely done. BIG goal for Eugenie Le Sommer and a big goal for France. She thumps it into the keeper’s bottom right corner.
      No saving that!


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      Goals (2– 1) And Cards
      ⚽46′ Valerie Gauvin 1 – 0
      ⚽54′ 1 – 1 (o.g.) Wendie Renard
      🌕56′ Eugenie Le Sommer
      🌕71′ Ingrid Syrstad Engen
      ⚽72′ Eugenie Le Sommer (pen.) 2 – 1
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      Video HD Highlights below

      Line Up

      France    : Sarah Bouaddi 
      Marion Torrent , Griedge Mbock Bathy, Wendie Renard  , Amel Majri , Elena, Terekhova (c) , Goetane Thiney ,Elise Bussaglia , Valérie Gauvin , Kadidiatou Diani , Eugenie Le Sommer

      Norway   : Ingrid Hjelmseth, Ingrid Moe Wold,  Maren Mjelde (c),  Maria Thorisdotti,  Kristine Hegland, Karina Saevik, Vilde Risa, Ingrid Engen, Guro Reiten, Caroline Hansen, Isabell Herlovsen

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