Highlights : Jermall Charlo Decisions Brandon Adams To Retain WBC Title

Jermall Charlo Decisions Brandon Adams To Retain WBC Title In Hometown

Jermall Charlo Decisions Brandon Adams


Jermall Chalo crowned his wonderful week with a hard earned Unanimous Decision win over Brandon Adams to retained his status, as the WBC middleweight champion in his hometown at   Saturday night at NRG Arena.

Adams didn’t make the fight easy for Charlo but the champion did enough to earn the decision with scores from judges – Don Griffin (120-108), Steve Morrow (120-108) and David Sutherland (119-109) , who all scored the fight in favor of the champion.

“I ain’t stop him, something y’all are used to seeing,” Charlo said during the post-fight press conference. “But, you know, styles make matchups. You stick and move – that’s the part of boxing. I won the fight. No excuses, man. No excuses.”


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Adams entered the fight on the back of four straight wins but remained a huge underdog and was written off. He made the fight tough for Charlo with some defensive skill that made it tough at times for Charlo to hit him.

Adams was reluctant to engage in the opening rounds but when he got himself into the fight,did enough to earn the respect of the bigger and stronger Charlo.

“He was tough,” Charlo said. “It was like he trained to, you know, like take punches or something. He took some shots. He was tough, man. He was strong. He had a chin. He was a tough guy. I fought hard, he made some great adjustments – great opponent.”

Adams was tough but Charlo also showed toughness on his part  fighting with a hand injury for about 10 rounds of the schedule twelve rounds.

“I fought through it,” Charlo said. “That’s what champions do. I fought through it. I jab a lot. That’s what I do. They can’t stop the jab. So, you know, I kept jabbing. You know, every time I jabbed I just bit down and it hurted. You know, you’ve gotta bite down. This the sport of boxing, baby.”

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