David Allen Knocks Out Lucas Browne In Three Rounds

David Allen Knocks Out Lucas Browne In Three Rounds 

Venue : O2 Arena 
Date : Saturday 20th April 
Time : 
David Allen Knocks Out Lucas Browne

David Allen pull up a stunning third round knockout victory over former WBA heavyweight Champion Lucas Browne on Saturday night at the O2 Arena, broadcasted live on Skysports.

Before the fight Browne posed his biggest career opposition and was even seen as an underdog but all that changed after a left hook to the body sent Browne to the canvas and left him unable to recover in the third round.

The Australian started the fight on the front foot, handing out fast hands and looking the busiest of the two. He stunned Allen with an  early Jab, while the “white Rhino” managed one left hook to the body and a low blow which attracted a warning from the referee. 


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The second round was still Browne, who kept on bullying the Brit around the ring. He kept landing his Jolting jolting upper cut at will and ramming his punches through Allen’s guard. By the end of the round, Allen’s face was red out of the thundering blows from the Australian. 
In the third Round, allen kept on recieving the uppercut but that wasn’t really ment to last, as Allen exploded out with a nose damaging shot and floored Browne with a left hook to the body. The referee ended the fight as Browne couldn’t recover from the shot. 
Great shot 👏🏼 pic.twitter.com/fEQfdkgEpV

— World Boxing Wall (@WorldBoxingWall) April 20, 2019

David Allen Boxer

Allen was happy for his performance 

“I’ve proved I can punch at a high level,” said Allen.
“It’s a very good win.
“The left hook to the body was beautiful.

“I’m the most famous man in Doncaster for a week, it will be great.”
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