Terence Crawford Will Hand Amir Khan A One Sided Beating – Malignaggi

Terence Crawford Will Hand Amir Khan A One Sided Beating – Malignaggi

WBO welterweight Champion Terence Crawford
Paulie Malignaggi has played into the uncertainty that Amir Khan could be bitting more than he can chew in his fight with Terence Crawford. 
Amir Khan will be challenging three division champion and one of  Pound For Pound stars Terence Crawford for the WBO welterweight world title on the 20th of April. 
Malignaggi shared the ring with Khan back in 2010 and was knocked out by the Bolton man but he believes Amir Khan was the same again after he got knocked out brutally by Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez in May 2016

“There was a time when Amir was impossible to outbox, you had to take the fight to him,” he exclusively told Starsport.
“I think at this point he’s kind of gotten a little bit past it and he’s starting to slow down. 

“And because of that, Amir can be not only outfought but now he can also be outboxed – and that’s a shame that the fight is happening now where Amir’s diminished himself to that point. 

“So I don’t really give Amir much of a chance. A few years ago I would have thought this was a great fight, but I don’t think so anymore.


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“When Amir’s lost by knockout, he’s not taken beatings because he’s got himself caught and just got knocked out. But I think the potential for taking a beating in this fight is there, because Amir can now be outboxed. Whereas before he wasn’t really able to be outboxed, you just had to catch him, but now Terence can actually beat him up and, again, it’s because Amir has kind of fallen off more so than what Terence is gonna be doing. 

“Terence could have been doing greaty things and it would have been a great fight a few years ago, but now it’s just one-sided for me.”

Amir Khan has boxed professionally for 14 years and has done so much for the sport but a big question mark will be hanging on his career, if he fails to make the Kell Brook grudge fight happen.

Malignaggi believes the fans should notice that Amir Khan is avoiding the fight with absolutely everything in his power to  avoid Brook, not the other way round.

“Listen, respect to both guys, but I think when you’re willing to do anything, absolutely anything in the world, to avoid one guy – I think you really need to stop asking [if it will ever happen],” he said. 

“People need to start asking the tough questions to Amir. Be honest, you don’t really wanna fight this guy, you never wanted to fight this guy. And that’s fine, but stop playing the games now. 

“Respect to both guys for great careers, but really it’s very, very clear that Amir never wanted to fight Kell Brook. Never ever ever. He didn’t even want the fight brought up to him, so it’s very obvious.”

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