Microblading Eyebrows : Semi Permanent Tattooing Technique

Microblading Eyebrows : Semi Permanent Tattooing Technique

Microblading : Eyebrows Techniques

Microblading is a special semi – permanent tattooing technique used  on enhance and reshape the appearance of the face through the small handheld tool made of several tiny needles to fine slices in the skin, tattooing hairlike strokes onto your brow area and depositing pigment into upper region of the Dermis.

Rumored to have originated from Asia, Microblading Eyebrow tattooing has grown to be a popular in cosmetology in recent years with new versions such a 1D,3D, 6D emerging in place in Europe and the US.
Before a Microblading artist carries out his/her trade on a client, he discusses the design, makes sure you are ok with your desired look (mistakes could take long to correct) before embarking on measuring a


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Delivered by FeedBurnerThe measurements of the face then begins with determining the center of the face and how the brows will fit with the client’s eyes. Picking out the starting point, arch, and ending point which are all determined by whether the eyes are normal, Close Set or Wide set.

Microblading : Eyebrows Techniques

A full sketch is made and shown to the client before with thickness, length and arch, all taken into consideration before the process is then started on the face.

Microblading as other tattooing techniques have complications which are similar to other tattooing practices. This includes misapplication of the pigment, pigment migration, colour change and in few cases, unintended hyperpigmentation, infection, allergy, permanent scarring, and poor aesthetic outcomes.

Microblading isn’t really monitored or strictly regulated presently and when into wrong hands or unqualified practitioners, risks of other complications such as transmission of blood-borne pathogenic organisms (e.g. HIV, hepatitis C).

Before undergoing Microblading, make sure the Professional is well acquainted with the basics of sanitation, Bloodborne Pathogen Certificate, colour theory, techniques, safe needles and an evidence of an already completed work with full healing.

Microblading, sometimes called embroidery, hair like Strokes and feather touch can last up to one to three years, depending on your skin care  UV exposure, and Skin type. Also the use of exfoliants such as retinol and glycolic acid could also cause rapid fading.

Other forms of Microblading are

Microshading :

This is a Microblading technique which is much similar to Main technique but differ in that, instead of the hair stroke typical with microblading and microfeathering, microshading uses a stippling method, with repetitive dots of pigmentation. This procedure lasts almost as long as Microblading techniques.


This is a form of micro blading that fine blades are used to create tiny incisions before Pigment is then deposited into the incisions. This is a little different from the main Microblading, in that the Professional makes use of the your brow as base then fill them up to perfection.

Since less artificial hair is used, the procedure lasts less longer than the rest  (One year) and more expensive to maintain. The procedure is practices and mastered by  Kristie Streicher 

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