Maurizio Sarri : “Sarri Ball” Isn’t The Problem

Maurizio Sarri : “Sarri Ball” Isn’t The Problem


Chelsea Manager Maurizio Sarri

Chelsea FC led by Maurizio Sarri got defeated by Manchester United 2 Nil at Stanford Bridge on Monday, a result that knocked defending Champions out of the FA Cup.

Before the Man United defeat, Chelsea had lost 4 nil to Bournemouth and 6 Nil to Manchester City. Despite the poor form and  protest by the Fans against his style “Sarri Ball” , the Italian doesn’t believe the problem is his philosophy.

“The system is a false problem,” he said. “I know very well that when we lose I have to put a striker on the pitch and when we win I have to put a defender on the pitch, but I want to see the football in another way.”


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The Italian has also refused to yield to his criticism that playing  N’Golo Kante out of position through his system might be the cause of Chelsea’s problems.

Chelsea N'golo Kante

“It depends on how you see football,” said the Italian. “In that position I want to a player able to move the ball very fast. This is not the best characteristic of N’Golo.
“He is very useful for us but this one is not his best characteristic.”

Told Kante won two Premier League titles and a World Cup in that position  Sarri replied “But in another system.”.

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