UFC 232 : Mark Hunt Blast Jon Jones, UFC And Dana White For Last Minute Location Change

UFC 232 : Mark Hunt Blast Jon Jones, UFC And Dana White For Last Minute Location Change

UFC Heavyweight Mark Hunt

The UFC has decided to move UFC 232 entire pay-per-view card from Las Vegas to Los Angeles on less than a week’s notice, due to a trace amount of Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone (DHCMT), or Turinabol found in Jones’ system and this doesn’t go down well with Heavyweight Mark Hunt.

UFC 232 Fight Card : Jon Jones Vs Alexander Gustafsson 

Hunt, in an Instagram post, tore through the UFC and claimed the UFC have always been promoting drug users. He claimed the UFC and his (expletive) president Dana White, have no sympathy for the Fans.

The substance had been the reason for his lengthy ban and since the Nevada State Athletic Commission will not sanction the fight between Jones (22-1 MMA, 16-1 UFC) and Alexander Gustafsson (18-4 MMA, 10-4 UFC), while the California State Athletic Commission will.

“Hey everyone let’s move the whole Ufc show in a week for a cheater promoting and condoning steroids isn’t ok @Ufc @jeffnovitzkyufc @danawhite and @jonnybones your a worthless cheating lil rat @alexthemauler don’t bother this loser isn’t on your level this peice of shit company has always promoted cheaters and now they moving the show in one week from Vegas to California for money
they certainly have taken away my love for fighting (expletive) scummy theives I hope everyone sues the ass out of u (expletives) (expletive) trash Oh and merry Christmas to all u (expletives) dahahahahaha and a happy new (expletive) steroid year”

“UFC ultimate (expletive) cheaters why don’t u jus cut jones pay gustuvsen and leave the show in Vegas all the fans and families who have already paid don’t miss out oh u only care about the PPV merry Christmas to everyone who has already paid to go there I hope no one buys your ppv mother(expletives) the least u could do is pay for everyone’s flights to California and accommodation tickets food and everything else u have screwed those there from oh and u can stick my crooked finger in your bum hole for Christmas u poxy lil bitch @danawhite”

The amount of the substance in Jon Jones System is at Picogram Levels and the UFC claims, that it isn’t a USADA violation, as it might be side effects of his previous abuse of the substance.

Dana White, who has always been critical of Jon Jones past issues with banned substances, believes that Jon Jones is a clean fighter.

“I haven’t heard anything negative about Jon Jones leading up to this fight – nothing,” White said. “He was willing to jump on a plane yesterday and go take a drug test – like, immediately. If I want to plan a PR for Jon Jones in two months, try pulling that together. It’s tough to get Jon Jones. He’s willing to do anything. So, I believe that Jon Jones is clean. He’s in fight shape, and I believe that he’s been doing the right thing.”

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