Deontay Wilder Still Can’t Get It, How Tyson Fury Got Up

Deontay Wilder Still Can’t Get It,  How Tyson Fury Got Up


Deontay Wilder - Tyson Fury 12th round Knockdown

Tyson Fury was knocked down twice, one a twelveth round near knockout  by The WBC Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder, with many thinking the fight had ended before  Fury suddenly stood up after the referee Reiss reached the count of 9½ to complete the fight.

WBC Sanctions Wilder – Fury 2

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The Manchester native went on to finish the fight strong, instead of becoming another one of Wilder’s knockout victims, producing one of the most memorable moments in heavyweight history.

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Deontay Wilder still can’t understand, how Fury could still stand on his feet after such a huge right hand to the head.

“I don’t know how he got up, I really thought I had him out of there,” Wilder said,

“because I hit him with the right hand and followed with the left hook. And everyone knows I’ve got heavy hands and I hit hard. And I literally seen this man’s eyes rolling in the back of his head. And I seen Jack on the ground, checking him, and I said, ‘It’s over.’

“You know, only God knows how he got back up. But like I said, I had fun, though. I don’t make no excuses. I enjoy the moment and go back to my family. That’s the main thing about it. You know, enjoying the moment, displaying my talent across the world that God blessed me with. And then, going back to my family, man. That’s my happiest.”

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the fight ended a controversial majority Draw with The lone British judge, Phil Edwards, scored their fight a draw (113-113), Canadian judge Robert Tapper had Fury (114 – 112), while California’s Alejandro Rochin, scored their fight for him (115-111).

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