WWE Crown Jewel Live Results, Highlights and Recap,

WWE Crown Jewel Live Results, Highlights and Recap,

2/11 /2018 

Full Card Results Below

🌐 Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. Rusev (Kick Off

Winner : Shinsuke Nakamura 
Shinsuke Nakamura retained his United States title with a good win against Rusev at the Kickoff Bout.
The bigger fighter Rusev, dominated the Bout but was unlucky at the crucial, when his power bomb mistakenly gave Nakamura the advantage.

After the Kickoff Bout : Hall Of Famer Hulk Hogan, after a grand entrance gave the WWE Universe the opening speech : “Let Me Tell you Something Brother”

The World Cup Tournament

Rey Mysterio quickly defeated Randy Orton - WWE Crown Jewel

Rey Mysterio quickly defeated Randy Orton to advance into the finals of the World Cup tournament, but his celebration was thwarted by Orton’s trade mark RKO.

Thus leaving Mysterio on some issues going into the final step of the tournament.

Rey Mysterio quickly defeated Randy Orton - WWE Crown Jewel

In the next Match up, The Miz came out victorious against Jeff Hardy, who dominated with his athletic moves till, getting caught by The Miz Boots, during one of his moves.

The Miz Vs Jeff Hardy - WWE Crown Jewel

Seth Rollins with determination became the third to qualify for the next round, after taking a DDT and avoiding a Vertical Supplex switch advantages against the more physical Bobby Lashley. 

Taking two suicide dives to bring Lashley to take Lashley to the ground, he certainly deserves the win.

Seth Rollins def. Bobby Lashley WWE Crown Jewel

In the next bout, Dolph Ziggler surfered in the hand of Kurt Angle, eating bombs and suplexes but at the end, need just one ZigZag to qualify for the next round of the tournament.

The Semi-final 

🌐 SmackDown Tag Team Championship — The Bar (c) and Big Show vs. New Day and Kofi Kingston 

Winner : The Bar And Big Show
Kofi Kingston eat up most of the beating, after he got isolated from his other tag team members. The Big show did little part of the work, keeping the corner clear of the rest of the New Day squad, wille Kofi was getting beat.
The Bar and Big show At WWE Crown Jewel

πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰The Tournament Semi Finals πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰

The Miz came out against the very athletic Rey Mysterio, but dominated him with physicality and Just when Mysterio, was making a little progress of his own, The Miz with a lovely counter secured the spot in the final.

The Miz def. Rey Mysterio, Qualifiers for World Cup Final

Dolph Ziggler Vs Seth Rollins (Raw) 

The Last Semi Final Bout between Seth Rollins and Dolph Ziggler was much more competitive than all the tournament match up’s, as both, had their own opportunity to strike.

He may be feeling the effects of this match, but Rollins shod true resilience in the semi final.

Dolph Ziggler made it to the finals, after edging Seth Rollins, thanks McIntyre at ring side

🌐 DeGeneration X vs. Brothers of Destruction

The Brothers of Destruction were far more at home. While DX’s speed allowed them to control the action within the squared circle, Kane & Undertaker didn’t hesitate to exploit their surroundings outside the ring to devastating effect. At one point, Triple H was driven through the announce table with a Chokeslam, which kept him out of action for an extended period and even required the ringside physician to ensure he was still fit to compete. (It was revealed after the match that The Game had
suffered a possible torn pectoral muscle as a result of the contest.)

Michaels, luckily, more than held his own in isolation. On occasion, he got a little too pleased with how well his skills had kept β€” in fairness, anybody would β€” and allowed his opponents to get back in the fight. And, occasionally, he got a little too high-risk for his own good, like a moonsault to the outside that took out Undertaker and Kane but also opened a gash above the WWE Hall of Famer’s eye.

Yet he was clutch in every sense of the word, no more so than when The Brothers of Destruction reared up from the mat for a last gasp and set up their battle-weary opponents for stereo Tombstone Piledrivers. HBK foiled that plan when he raked the eyes of Kane the legal man to free Triple H.

🌐 WWE Championship — AJ Styles (c) vs. Samoa Joe

🌐 Universal Championship — Brock Lesnar vs. Braun Strowman

Brock Lesnar dismantled Brawn Strawman with a series of F5’s and at one points sent the Monster out of the ring with one of those. 

He dominated straw man from start to finish to become a two time univeruni Champion. 

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