Tony Bellew : Usyk Is Exceptionally Brilliant But I Promise Blood And Pain

Tony Bellew : Usyk Is Exceptionally Brilliant But I Promise Blood And Pain


Tony Bellew : Usyk Is Exceptionally Brilliant But I Promise Blood And Pain

Tony Bellew is aware that Oleksandr Usyk Fight might be his toughest fight and has admitted the Underrated and Undisputed World Cruiserweight Champion’s brilliance but has promised not to make it easy for Ukrainian,  when they meet on Saturday Nov. 10th.

The Former WBC Cruiserweight champion is anticipating the fight, he thinks, will be the most brutal, fight Fans will see, Promising Blood and Pain, as he finds a way to get past him, despite being bookmarked as an Underdog.
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“I’m looking forward to Saturday, he [Usyk] is an exceptional champion and I’m so happy we’ve made the fight, this will be one of the best and most brutal fights you’ve ever seen.

“I’ll punch him in the face. There’ll be blood and pain and them four belts are coming home with me. I genuinely believe I will break his heart and find a way to get past him.

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“Usyk is exceptional, brilliant and an elite fighter, he’s done something no-one has ever done before and won everything possible from the amateurs to the pros.”

“In every single defining fight I’ve been in, I’ve always been the underdog, it doesn’t bother me. I don’t feel any pressure. Nothing gets close to the pressure I felt ahead of my Goodison Park fight.

“The superstar [Usyk] is here, let him juggle the balls and do his crazy dances, there’s no pressure on me.”

Tony Bellew really feels this is his last fight and wants to make it an epic war, lasting into the championship rounds and will feel very disappointed, if he ends the fight in the first round.

“I want a war, I want the fight beaten out of me,” the Liverpool favourite continued.

“I need it going longer than four or five rounds, I don’t need to carry on doing this anymore. I’ll be very disappointed if I stop him in the first.

“I don’t feel like I’ve ever been beaten up properly in my career and only have one genuine loss on my record, Adonis Stevenson is the only man to beat me fair and square.

“I’m at the back-end now and have been punched in the face for 20 years, I have a few more nights left.”

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