Pep Guardiola : Compares Premier League, “It Made Me The Best”

Pep Guardiola : Compares Premier League, “It Made Me The Best” 


Pep Guardiola : Compares Premier League, "It Made Me The Best"

Pep Guardiola is currently set to lead Manchester City into defending the Premier League Trophy, thy won last season, having defeated Manchester United 3 – 1 before going into the international break, to top the Premier League table with three points.

The 47 year old, before coming to the Premier League, won with Barcelona three La Liga titles and two Champions League trophies, after then led Bayern Munich to three consecutive Bundesliga titles during his three years in Germany.

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The Catalan has been known to be a great coach before his arrival but he claims that the Premier League made him better, tipping it to be the best, because of he unpredictable nature of the league.

“I am a better manager than I was in Germany, and I am a better manager now than I was in Barcelona by far, just for the fact of being there,” he said at the Peers Annual Lecture at Liverpool University on Wednesday.

“Now, I feel being here I am a better manager too because I learned to handle this incredible league in many circumstances.

“It is the toughest one, for the amount of games, for the weather and the referees saying: ‘play (on), play (on), play (on)’ and the competitors, there are many. It is the only country that five or six [teams] can win the Premier League,”

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Pep Guardiola with Manchester City will return to Premier League action  against West Ham…Dopeclics Whatsapp Group-Chat

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