Tony Bellew Tells Oleksander Usyk, Muscles Don’t Matter

Tony Bellew Tells Oleksander Usyk, Muscles Don’t Matter


Tony Bellew Tells Oleksander Usyk, Muscles Don't Matter

Tony Bellew will be moving down from Heavyweight to face Oleksandr Usyk, for a chance to be Undisputed Cruiserweight champion of the world and will need to shed shed 30lbs to make the recommended  limit.

Bellew made clear in an interview with Sky Sports, physical appearance won’t matter, when he hits the ring for the showdown with the Ukrainian on November 10th at the Manchester Arena.

“When I take my top off on November 9, I think you will see how the 30 pounds have come off,” Bellew told Sky Sports News.

“Listen, forget about the weight, forget about dieting, this is all about a fight, this is all about becoming undisputed cruiserweight champion of the world. That’s all that matters.

“I don’t care about the weight, I don’t care about how good he is, how many stupid things he wants to say, that he’s invisible in the ring.

“None of that matters. All that matters is what happens on November 10. It doesn’t matter if I turn up with loads of muscles, a six pack, and look beautiful. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is me going home with those four belts on November 10, and I’m going to do it.”

Bellew heaped Praises on his Ukrainian opponent, calling the fight the “toughest” in his professional career but promised, he will shock the World again, as he has been doing the past.

“This is the toughest fight of my life, without a shadow of a doubt,” said Bellew.

“This is the most formidable opponent I have ever faced, and he is the man who everybody is scared of. He is the monster who everyone is running away from, and it’s only a dope like me that can run right at him, and want a fight with him.

“We’ll soon found out, November 10. I’m not going to shock the world for the first time, not even the second time, it’s going to be the third time.”

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