Sor Rungvisai Def. Iran Diaz Via Unanimous decision To Retain His Title

Sor Rungvisai Def. Iran Diaz Via Unanimous decision To Retain His Title 
(WBC Super Flyweight Championship) 
Venue : Impact Arena, Bangkok, Thailand 

Sor Rungvisai defended his WBC Super Flyweight World Title dominantly against Iran Diaz in the ONE Championship 81 : Kingdom OF Heroes Main event at the Impact Arena, Bangkok on Saturday.

The Mexican Showed Great Heart, holding on till the score cards and won the Boxing fans over for that very act.

Round By Round 

R1 : Rungvisai brutalizing Diaz to the body all throughout . Slipping through Diaz’s counter right very well and digging that left downstairs. Crowd doing a call and response with every clean shot.

R2 Diaz outgunned but still trying hard. Clipped Diaz at the bell with a right hand. Still struggling to get respect and Rungvisai still walking him down.

R3 :

R4 : Diaz tried an uppercut for the first time. Didnt land clean. Even with all the body shots, Rungvisai doesn’t lunge and has no wasted movement.

R5 : Diaz recorded his best round, finishing strong at the end with a strong right hand that seemed to send Rungvisai down to the canvas.

R6 : Diaz was doing good until the final minute, ate some books on the ropes and several lefts in ring center. Thought Diaz was getting a better handle on the distance until then.

R7 : Rungvisai back in predator mode. Has the demeanor of a great white shark while walking down Diaz. Didn’t take a backward step the entire round. Credit to Diaz for taking all these shots.

R8 : Rungvisai continued his punishment on the Mexican, who seemed more ready physically than tactically, eating up those huge body shots, knocking him down but he survives.

R9 : Diaz with his physicality seemed to have earned a knockdown sending the champion to the canvas by that remained for the moment, as the champion stood up and continued chopping him down.

R10 : Rungvisai punished the Mexican through out the round, controlled the fight but his challenger just kept the Brave Tag On, eating the beating

R11 :  Diaz who was hurt since the first round bends but just a moment, as he continued the fight, the champion finding it difficult to finish him off but sure to win by unanimous decision.

R12 : The fight ended with Iran Diaz standing, a fighting bravely before the champion and after the bell Celebrated like he won the fight…. Though the title remains in Thailand, Diaz won the heart of the fans all over the world.

Cards : Srisaket Sor Rungvisai (c) def. Iran Diaz by unanimous decision (119-109, 120-108, 119-109)

Watch Full Fight below


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