Boxing News : John Ryder KOs Andrey Sirotkin To Become WBA Super Middleweight Mandatory

Boxing Highlights : John Ryder KOs Andrey Sirotkin To Become WBA Super Middleweight Mandatory.

Venue : London

John Ryder knocked out Russian opponent Andrey Sirotkin to move into the WBA super middleweight spot, with a body shot, that sent him straight to the canvas at the end of the seventh .

Andrey Sirotkin, towards the middle of the fight, started giving Ryder problems but he explosively over came that problem and sealed the win.

Round By Round 

R1: a tight opening round with both fighters sharing centre ring however, Sirotkin was able to find some little gaps in Ryder’s defence.

R2: Ryder rocks Sirotkin a couple of times during the round with the Russian not responding to him.

R3: A tight round with the Russian trying to engage more, giving Ryder some problems

R4 : R4: Sirotkin seemingly taking a step back there looking to throw a singular punch then step back however, Ryder continues to apply the pressure and is waiting patiently for the gaps to open up.

R5: Sirotkin catches Ryder a few times with an overhand right and steals the round from the ‘Gorilla’.

R6: R6: Ryder lands successive combinations throughout the round and causes Sirotkin some problems – who seems to be tiring. Ryder has a bad cut around his left eye.

R7: Ryder knocks Sirotkin out with a body punch. Looked like Sirotkin had been broken to the buddy toward the end of the previous round and he never really recovered.

John Ryder Vs Andrey Sirotkin Undercard Resluts 

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