Diabetes In Nigerian Youth – A Critical Situation

Diabetes In Nigerian Youth – A Critical Situation

In Nigeria, we sit on the grounds that Diabetes is a disease for the advanced in age and with that, do what we like till we get to those ages we feel, we most likely could develop the illness before, getting serious we our health.

Over the years, things have actually changed and with those changes also comes the Diabetes in Youths………A subject that has been missing in our society since, you knew that an illness such as this could affect you.

I have a friend, who damaged her pancreas so early before I met her at 22, she doesn’t go anywhere without an insulin Pen and one who, cares less about the implications of damaging their bodies with excessive sugar loaded liquids into his system.

Just like me, Somewhere, somehow you have heard Someone, Friend, Colleague or relative lose a life over this illness but for those that have no tangible information about, we will give you something to hold on to.

People with diabetes have blood sugar (glucose) levels that are too high and this happens when the pancreas is unable to produce insulin or produced insulin not adequate enough to control blood Sugar in the body.

There are actually two types of Diabetes

Type 1

Type 1 Diabetes is caused by a defect in the pancreas, that causes no insulin production from the pancreas – this leaves the blood with high sugar levels and overtime this  glucose levels can damage your blood vessels, nerves, kidneys, and eyes.

This was the only form of the disease rarely found in youth and infants due to defects from birth.

Symptoms include increased thirst and urination, hunger, weight loss, fatigue, irritability, fruity smell on the breath

Type 2

Type II Diabetes is caused by a reduction in the normal production of insulin from the Pancreas, which sometimes lay undetected for periods before it gets critical. Thats why it ends up lingering till people eventually grow old

Type 2 symptoms include urinating more often, especially at nighti, increased thirst
tiredness, unexplained weight loss, itching around the genitals, possibly with a ye infection, slow healing of cuts or wounds
blurred vision, as the eye’s lens becomes dry.

Most Nigerians feel they are immune during the early years of their life and believe that later in life, they will take precautions to avoid the illness.

Well Bad News For You. Research has revealed, Diabetes of both Type 1 and Type 2 has increased significantly in Youths over the years and to add to it all, Glucose is a significant end product of most food we eat, which will accelerate the effects of the illness before you notice.

This article might be the most useless article on earth or some other information you have heard today but I believe that despite the fact that we have our roads to follow, we all need to educate our youths like me on this subject because – they are gradually falling to this illness

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