Thibaut Courtois – Real Madrid Move Is The Best Option For Chelsea – Agent

Thibaut Courtois – Real Madrid Move Is The Best Option For Chelsea – Agent


Chelsea Goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois has expressed an interest in a possible move to Real Madrid but the the Club seems to holding the 26 year old back till they can get a replacement.

This has prompted his agent with no other option but a plea with Chelsea to allow the goalkeeper to join Real Madrid this summer. As the London club will not resume talks with Real over a deal for the Belgium international.

“I have been reading everywhere that Chelsea are saying it is up to Thibaut, but he has made it clear to the club that the best option for him is to move to Madrid,” Henrotay said.

“For him this is a big decision because he wants to be near his family, and there is an offer in place for Chelsea to accept.”

The 26 year old has only a year left in his contract with Chelsea and this would be the best time for Chelsea to cash-in on him or face losing him with no fee in 12 months time.
His Agent has also maintained that the move is not a financial move but more of a personal move to be with his family though having a possibility of a pay increase.

“We have seen suggestions that it is about money, and it is true he could get an increase with a move,” he added.

“But he has turned down a better offer elsewhere because this is more than a financial decision.

“Throughout this it has important for everyone to be reasonable, and the buying club has come up with a reasonable offer for a player who has one year left on his contract when they know they could sign him without a fee in 12 months.

“Chelsea could get a fair fee for him now and sign a replacement. Or they would still have to sign a replacement next summer, but without getting a fee for Thibaut.

“It is understandable people might be upset because he wants to leave the club, we accept that.

“But this is a human decision based on someone wanting to be close to his children – and that is a reasonable thing too.”

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