Jose Mourinho Press Conference Quotes Ahead Of Tottenham Clash

Key Quotes From Jose Mourinho Press Conference Ahead Of Tottenham Clash


Jose Mourinho Press Conference Ahead Of Tottenham Hotspur

⚽ Jose Mourinho On Injury (Alexis Sanchez, Antonio Valencia and Nemanja Matic

“I don’t know because today is still Friday and we will have training on Saturday and Sunday, then the match on Monday.

“The decision will be made on Sunday but yes they are training with the team and [Diogo] Dalot also is training with the team for the first time this week so in terms of the medical department they are almost free.”

Jose Mourinho, Antonio Valencia and Alexis Sanchez

⚽ Jose Mourinho : Manchester United Is Ready For Spurs

You have to play against 19 opponents at Old Trafford and 19 opponents away. I don’t know when it is the right time  The time is now, the game was decided this was way.

We have to play Tottenham in our second match at a old Trafford before we go away twice against Burnley and Watford. This is what it is, of course, it’s a difficult match against a team that finished last season in the tip four. So it’s a difficult match.

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⚽ Jose Mourinho On Results This Season

How do I Feel? I feel we played well against Leicester and we won. I felt we played bad against Brighton and we lost . Against Spurs? I will like to play well and win

⚽ Jose Mourinho On Paul Pogba’s Post Match Interviews

Paul told so Paul has to answer in his words. If you need explanation about Paul’s words, you have to get to him and ask him

⚽ Jose Mourinho On Bouncing Back From Brighton Loss

I think it is always difficult after a match you lose especially for people who really care about the job and about being Football professionals. But after that you think about the next match – you do the same when you win.

When you win, you have to move on and you have to focus on what’s next. Imagine when you lose, you have to do even more.

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