Harry Kane Disappointed With His Golden Boot Achievement

Harry Kane Disappointed With His Golden Boot Achievement


Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino has made known Harry Kane’s disappointment after being awarded the world Cup Golden Boot after scoring six goals in the Tournament

Pochettino said he felt disappointed he couldn’t score more goals or help his team win the tournament and that a third or fourth place is not enough.


“He’s very disappointed about his World Cup,” said Pochettino. “He arrived back in London [from Russia] on the Sunday, and on the Tuesday he was at the training ground, spending five hours with myself and Jesus [Perez].

“I congratulated him and he said ‘no gaffer I am really disappointed, I should have scored more goals.’ I said ‘but you won the Golden Boot.’ He said ‘yes, but gaffer I’m disappointed.’

“Being fourth and reaching the semifinals was not enough [for him]. I love, love, love this energy and desire — that it’s not enough to be fourth in the World Cup, it’s not enough to finish second or third or play in the Champions League.

“I love it when a player feels that desire and wants to come in and spend time with us after the World Cup. All the people praise him and he’s a big star, but Tuesday he was there sharing time with us. That is so very Harry.”

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