WWE Extreme Rules Results : Shinsuke Nakamura And The B-Team Bag Titles

WWE Extreme Rules Results : Shinsuke Nakamura And  The B-Team Bag Titles


🌐 Intercontinental Championship 30-Minute WWE Iron Man Match
Dolph Ziggler (c) def. Seth Rollins

True to form, both Superstars delivered on their respective MOs, with Seth using his heart and skill to earn his falls, while Dolph won by any means necessary, plus a heavy dose of his enforcer Drew McIntyre.

In Ziggler’s defense, he had to get creative to stay in the running: Rollins rocketed to a 2-0 lead within eight minutes, pinning The Showoff with La Magistral at 25:50 and administering the Stomp at 22:02. McIntyre, who had been lurking at ringside, struck after the second fall, mauling Rollins to the tune of a disqualification around the 21-minute mark, bringing Rollins ahead with a score of 3-0.

McIntyre was ejected due to his actions, but he Claymored Rollins on the way out, and Dolph made good on The Scottish Terminator’s contributions: The champion scored three falls within two minutes by first pinning a depleted Rollins, then administering a Superkick and Zig Zag for falls two and three to tie the score. Ziggler took his first lead at about 15:53 by pinning The Kingslayer with his feet on the ropes and reverted to a purely defensive gameplan after that, relying on holds and keep-away in an attempt to bleed the clock and keep his 4-3 advantage safe. Rollins evened the score with 3:08 left by slingshotting Ziggler into the turnbuckle and pinning him with a sunset flip, but a Stomp that would have decided the grueling bout came with too little time on the clock for Rollins to get the pin.

With the contest ruled a draw, Ziggler retained due to champion’s advantage, but Raw General Manager Kurt Angle, looking for a decisive result, hit the scene and restarted the match in sudden death. The result was truly sudden: McIntyre resurfaced immediately on the apron to distract Rollins, and Ziggler hit a quick-strike Zig Zag to pin The Kingslayer and seal the bout, 5-4.

🌐 WWE Championship Match
AJ Styles (c) def. Rusev

Styles didn’t entirely rain on Rusev Day: The Lion of Bulgaria more than validated the groundswell of support that has followed him over the past year, turning in a performance that surely points to future success at the World Championship level. The Super Athlete made good on the alleged three-week training camp he opened to prepare for Styles, targeting the champion’s back in the hopes of softening him up for the Accolade Rusev hoped would net him his first WWE Title.

Unfortunately, that effort wasn’t enough to carry him past the finish line tonight. Styles’ efforts to weaken Rusev’s leg paid dividends down the stretch; for all the damage his back had taken, Rusev was unable to plant his foot for the Accolade after suffering a barrage of kicks and one agonizing Calf Crusher that Aiden English helped him escape. Ironically, English’s involvement cost Rusev when The Bulgarian Brute ran headfirst into an exposed turnbuckle The Picasso of Pain had set up as a trap for Styles, leaving Rusev vulnerable to a Springboard 450 and Phenomenal Forearm that sealed the deal for Styles.

🌐 Raw Women’s Championship Extreme Rules Match
Alexa Bliss (c) def. Nia Jax

Alexa Bliss still retained her Raw Women’s Title after a wild Extreme Rules Match title defense that narrowly saw her escape a frantic scramble involving multiple Superstars at ringside.
In fact, before the chaotic turn of events that ended the match, Bliss’ title bout was headed for a rout at the hands of The Irresistible Force, as Jax calmly ripped each implement Alexa attempted to use away from her and turned them against the champion. The bout turned on a savvy bit of planning by Bliss, who olé’d Nia into a steel chair propped up in the turnbuckles, which set off a brawl at ringside that drew Rousey out of the audience when Bliss and her lieutenant Mickie James neutralized Natalya.

Rousey, who circumvented her 30-day Raw suspension by buying a ticket to WWE Extreme Rules, unleashed the full scope of her aggression on James, though the six-time Women’s Champion recovered in time to save Bliss from Rowdy Ronda’s wrath. With Rousey and Natalya both taken out, Bliss and James turned their attention to Jax, whom they brought to her knees with steel chairs. Bliss sealed the match with a wicked DDT onto the chair and narrowly evaded the recovered Rousey, capping a title defense that seemed all but certain to end in disaster.

🌐 Bobby Lashley def. Roman Reigns

the match was a war of attrition between the two heavyweights, who largely avoided a technical grappler showcase in favor of dueling displays of speed and power. An early advantage from Reigns forced Lashley to fight from underneath, and while the former ECW Champion didn’t turn the tables instantly, his targeted attack on The Big Dog’s ribs took Reigns apart bit by bit, softening him up for high-risk maneuvers like an axe handle off the top rope.

Down the stretch, it became clear that the match would come down to who would land their Spear first, and it seemed Reigns had the maneuver teed up after knocking Lashley off the top rope with a thunderous Superman Punch. But Reigns took a little too long to admire his handiwork, and Lashley dropped The Big Dog like a rock as he ricocheted off the ropes, intercepting Reigns’ Spear attempt with one of his own to earn the three-count. Reigns may still be the uncrowned Universal Champion, but the line for the throne is getting crowded.

🌐 SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match
The Bludgeon Brothers (c) def. Team Hell No

Harper & Rowan took Kane out with a vicious backstage assault that saw the two behemoths brutalize The Big Red Machine’s ankle, leaving Daniel Bryan at the same two-on-one disadvantage that had brought his partner back to his side
in the first place. Of course, winning a Tag Team Title Match singlehandedly isn’t unheard of — Kane himself has actually done it — but between The Bludgeon Brothers’ power and the lingering damage to Bryan’s ribs, it was an uphill battle that proved too steep for even the legendary underdog to summit, and Kane ultimately re-emerged in a walking boot to offer whatever help he could.

The Big Red Machine proved more effective than expected, evening the odds with a pair of Chokeslams before an aborted Tombstone attempt forced him to tag out. Even then, Bryan was energized by his friend’s return, and it seemed Kane’s mere presence would propel Team Hell No to victory. But the Brothers adjusted, with Rowan sneakily tagging in and shoving Bryan into Kane before finishing off The Beard with the top-rope clothesline-powerbomb combo.

🌐 Steel Cage Match
Kevin Owens def. Braun Strowman Via Escape

Having absorbed Owens’ entire arsenal, Strowman set about punishing KO in the most agonizing fashion imaginable, tossing Owens into each side of the cage and calmly thwarting his attempts to crawl out of the door.

Owens, however, had an ace in the hole, locking Mr. Monster in the Bank to the top rope with a pair of handcuffs he had smuggled into the cage before beginning his climb. Strowman answered by snapping the cuffs, scaling the cage and throwing KO off the side of it, sending him falling through the commentary table to earn the victory — such as it was; Owens was placed in a neck brace and stretchered away from the ring. It’s a strategy from Strowman that certainly left something to be desired when it came to winning a match. But as a demonstration of raw power — and perhaps, a statement to Universal Champion Brock Lesnar

🌐 United States Championship Match
Shinsuke Nakamura def. Jeff Hardy (c) New U.S. Champion!

The opening bell hadn’t even rung before The King of Strong Style made his move on Hardy, flooring the champion with his signature move — the low blow — behind the ref’s back. Hardy struggled to his feet and insisted on starting the match, only to suffer an instant Kinshasa that snapped his reign and landed Nakamura the first championship of his WWE tenure.

Nakamura’s celebration was cut short by the arrival of recent U.S. Champion Randy Orton , but while The Apex Predator appeared to be sizing up Nakamura, he surprised the Pittsburgh faithful by turning his attention to Hardy and administering a punishing stomp to the nether regions before making his exit. Jeff Hardy was a proud, confident champion, but life didn’t just come at him fast at WWE Extreme Rules. It came out of nowhere.

🌐 SmackDown Women’s Championship Match – Carmella (c) def. Asuka

The Princess of Staten Island, whose SmackDown Women’s Championship reign has been marked by the outlandish fashions she’s won and kept it, once again retained the title against Asuka despite competing under a stipulation designed to neutralize her signature ace in the hole.

James Ellsworth , whose role in Carmella’s previous defense against Asuka found him suspended in a shark cage to prevent him from interfering in Round Two. However, Ellsworth’s imprisonment didn’t stop him from dropping a pair of implements (a steel chain and a can of blinding spray) down from above, forcing Asuka to actively avoid disqualification for either herself or Carmella while seeking a pinfall or submission. Ellsworth’s third stunt — picking his way out of the shark cage — was the deciding moment of the match, though not quite in the way he likely predicted.

Ellsworth found himself caught by the ankle as he attempted to escape the cage, and with Carmella waylaid outside, Asuka turned her vicious attentions to the dangling interloper, working Ellsworth like a heavy bag as he dangled above the ring. That left her vulnerable to a deciding bit of chicanery by Carmella when she snuck up behind Asuka and shoved her face-first into the cage before pouncing quickly for the pin.

🌐 Finn Bálor def. “Constable” Baron Corbin

The Constable already owns a win over the first-ever Universal Champion (albeit in tag team action), Corbn’s boasts weren’t exactly empty. As if to prove his point, The Lone Wolf completely overwhelmed his opponent thanks to a combination of pitch-perfect scouting and a ground-and-pound strategy that often left Bálor peeling himself off the mat. Even when The Extraordinary Man began to create separation with his speed, he found himself often leaping headlong into Corbin’s clutches, where more punishment awaited in the form of a chokeslam backbreaker and Deep Six.

Bálor showed his grit by kicking out of all Corbin’s big maneuvers, though it seemed unlikely he could survive the onslaught for much longer as the match wore on. Even after suffering tremendous punishment, Finn escaped Corbin by the narrowest of margins, reversing the End of Days into a small package that put the livid Corbin down for three. It was as much of an escape as it was a victory, though above all, it seemed to be a statement from Bálor.

🌐 Raw Tag Team Championship Match
The B-Team def. “Woken” Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt (c) New Raw Tag Team Champions!

The B-Team had scored
individual wins over Hardy heading into the pay-per-view, they unsurprisingly built their game plan around isolating The Woken One from Bray Wyatt, and for good reason. Dallas & Axel struggled to find an answer for the former WWE Champion in the opening moments of the match, and The Reaper of Souls’ re-entry into the contest seemed to swing it in the champions’ favor within a matter of seconds.

The B-Team, however, had clearly progressed more than the champions had given them credit for, and they turned their attention back to Hardy when he tagged back in to set up the Kiss of Deletion to Bo Dallas. Axel climbed on the apron to break up the maneuver, and Dallas quickly followed up, shoving Hardy into Wyatt and dropping The Woken One with a hanging rolling cutter off the ropes — earning a victory that seemingly solidified their belief that the “B” in B-Team stands for “best.”

🌐 Kickoff Tables Match
SAnitY def. The New Day

New Day employed a variety of attacks to take out The Beast of Belfast, including a uranage-backstabber combo from Big E and Xavier Woods to a Trouble in Paradise from Kofi Kingston .

Unfortunately for New Day, they focused on one member of SAnitY at the expense of the other two. With Dain finally dispatched, Kingston found himself stranded on the apron, where he hoped to suplex Alexander Wolfe into a table at ringside. Wolfe responded by biting The Dreadlocked Dynamo, setting him up for a wicked elbow drop from Eric Young that plowed Kingston through the table and brought the match to an end. SAnitY may still have a few kinks to work out in terms of pinfall victories, but in a match that hinges on pure devastation, they clearly felt right at home.

🌐 Kickoff Match
Andrade “Cien” Almas def. Sin Cara

Both Superstars came out swinging in the opening minutes of their rematch (literally in Almas’ case), but Sin Cara’s aggression got the better of him when he whiffed on a suicide dive and aggravated the same elbow Almas had previously injured. Reduced to one arm, The International Sensation turned to his legs, employing a wild variety of springboards and hurricanranas to slow Almas down the stretch, culminating in a leaping hurricanrana from the turnbuckle to the apron.

Vega, who stayed out of the action early in the contest, quickly made her presence known after The International Sensation pancaked Almas with a picture-perfect Frog Splash, climbing on the apron to distract the ref and thwart Sin Cara’s pinfall attempt. El Ídolo capitalized, plowing a preoccupied Sin Cara into the turnbuckle before following up with his running knees and devastating Hammerlock DDT for the win.

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