Dillian Whyte KOs Joseph Parker, If He Connects Clean

Dillian Whyte KOs Joseph Parker, If He Connects Clean


Joseph Parker has been known to have a great chin, having recently gone twelve rounds with knockout artist and Unified Heavyweight World champion Anthony Joshua.

This fact, according to Dillian Whyte’s sparring partner Frazer Clarke is about to be tested, as he feels the Brit will put him out, with a punch a punch, if he connects clean. 

“He must have a half good chin,” said Clarke, who has fought Parker in the amateur ranks.

“I saw Joshua catch him with a few good shots, but there’s no such thing as a granite chin.

“If Dillian Whyte hits Joseph Parker clean on the chin with those small gloves, he’s going to sleep, and that’s the top and bottom of it, I don’t care how granite your chin is.”

Dillian Whyte has noticeably developed  due to his hard graft, stamina and boxing skills and this he believe will decide the fight

“I think he’s genuinely a one-punch knockout, if he catches you,” said Clarke.
“There’s a lot of weight and a lot of strength, and a lot of aggression behind that punch, if he catches you with it.

“Looking at the way he was training, and listening to him with his coach, I don’t think he’s a one-trick pony, who can just throw body shots.

“They have tried to add to his arsenal. His boxing has developed, I’ve noticed that over the last few fights.”

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