Chelsea New Boss Maurizio Sarri Plans To Keep And Develop Players At His Disposal

Chelsea New Boss Maurizio Sarri  Plans To Keep And Develop Players At His Disposal


Chelsea New head coach Maurizio Sarri has the intentions of keeping the best players, despite Speculations of a possible raid by the financially strong teams in Europe.

He has also made clear, he will not really be interested in the transfer market, as he plans on developing players, that are in his disposal.

Speaking at his Unveiling he said :

“Clearly we would always like to keep all the strongest players. This is what any manager wants to do, this is what any club wants to do.
“But then we will have to see how the transfer market will go over the next few days.
“I feel a lot more of a field manager than a general manager – I think that I am one of the few managers who is bored by the transfer market.
“I don’t want to talk about the transfer market and I am not that interested in it. I think our task as managers is growing the players that we have.”

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