Jose Mourinho Blasts Lackluster United After Loss To Brighton

Jose Mourinho Blasts Lackluster United After Loss To Brighton


Manchester United Boss Jose Mourinho showed great displeasure in a match that was to give the team second position solidarity and opportunity for players ,who usually don’t play or start from the bench to impress.

He made great changes in the starting line up used against Arsenal last weekend, bring in Rojo, Rashford, Martial, Fellaini and Damian, whom he later replaced with Luke Shaw.

Mourinho has been under pressure to start Rashford in more games but his performance on Friday  justified the Portuguese decisions and Paul Pogba failed to impress in both halves. Altogether, it was totally shocking.

“Not good enough, because the players that replaced others did not perform at a good level, and when individuals don’t perform at a good level it’s difficult for the team to perform at a good level.

“So maybe now you understand why some players play more than others, and you don’t ask all the time why A, B and C don’t play more.”

“I wouldn’t say disappointed, because I know them, but I thought for some of them the possibility to start the game, to give reason to the ones who all season have been critical towards my choices.

“Why always Lukaku? Why always Lukaku? Why always Lukaku? You have the answer why always Lukaku! So why always this? Why always this? You have the answer why always this!

“Probably we are not as good individually as people think we are, and I keep saying, if you manage to finish second, it is great, more than great if you manage to finish second. But now we need four points and we must try to get them.”

The United Boss in his speech made clear, he had informed the team on what is expected of them against a side such as Brighton, before the start of the game.

“My players, if you ask them, they will tell you that I told them before the match what was going to happen, and at half-time,” said Mourinho. “I knew it, and I told them, but that’s what we got.

“Overall the attitude from the first minute and in the first half, they were obviously stronger than us, more appetite, they felt the game with different emotions. I didn’t succeed in persuading my players the four points we need to finish second doesn’t look very important for my players. For me it is, but for some of my players it doesn’t look very important.

“Obviously for Brighton boys, the points mean a lot for them, and enough for them to give absolutely everything they have to give. So they got the bonds of their attitude.”

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