WWE 205 Live Result 1/5/2018

WWE 205 Live Result

🌐 Drew Gulak def. Kalisto

Not impressed with Kalisto’s high-flying and fast-paced ability, the Philadelphia-native was poised to use the luchador and an example to show why he is WWE’s top submission specialist. As the battle got underway, Kalisto utilized his agility to secure an early advantage but Gulak was to counter, using his technical ability to slow the match’s pace.

Kalisto attempted to swing momentum back in his favor, but as Gulak retreated to the outside and the former Cruiserweight Champion took to the air, Gulak countered, catching his opponent and slamming Kalisto against his knee. The Submission Specialist began to target his attacks on Kalisto’s lower back using a wide range of unique and innovative submission holds. Despite an attempt to fight back, Kalisto was stopped with a massive forearm to the face. Gulak’s aggressiveness may have cost him however, as he fired up Kalisto after trying to rip off his mask.

The former Cruiserweight Champion pressed forward showing off his incredible high-flying ability and keeping Gulak reeling. As Kalisto continued to press forward, Gulak did his best to find an opening, leading to an incredible sequence of near-falls that brought the WWE Universe to the edge of their seats.
With momentum still in his favor, Kalisto attempted to used the corner as leverage to execute the Salida del Sol, however the Philadelphia Stretcher countered and applied the Gulock, forcing Kalisto to tap out.

🌐 Buddy Murphy def. Local competitor

NXT Superstar Buddy Murphy once again made the weight required to compete on WWE 205 Live and returned to action with his sights still locked on the WWE Cruiserweight Title.

Making his return against a local competitor, Murphy immediately channeled his anger at his opponent’s expense. Relentlessly attacking his opponent, the Australian Superstar made a clear statement, forcing the official to call the match in Murphy’s favor when his opponent was unable to continue.

After the bout, WWE Cruiserweight Champion Cedric Alexander charged out and brawled with Murphy on the ramp, forcing the NXT Superstar to retreat.

🌐 The Brian Kendrick & Gentleman Jack Gallagher def. Hideo Itami & Akira Tozawa

it was certainly business as usual for Tozawa as he unleashed a flurry of hard-hitting strikes that left Gallagher reeling. When the British competitor countered the former Cruiserweight Champion’s advance, Itami got the tag, which prompted Gallagher to tag in his own partner.

As Kendrick and Itami squared off, the tension started to build until the two began exchanging forearms to the face before The Man with a Plan took over with a series of kicks. Tagging Tozawa back in, Itami and his partner displayed impressive teamwork to keep Kendrick on defense. However, their momentum was short-lived, as Gallagher re-entered the fray and methodically attacked Tozawa. The former WWE Cruiserweight Champion is known for his impressive stamina and resilience and managed to fend off both of his opponents, allowing Itami to enter the battle fresh and in control.

What appeared to be a miscue between Tozawa and Itami with The Stamina Monster tagging himself in proved to be the right move with the former Cruiserweight Champion taking down both Gallagher and Kendrick. As Tozawa fended off a double-team advance, he prepared for his patented Senton, but a second miscue occurred when Itami hit the ropes, accidentally knocking Tozawa off the top and into a headbutt from Gallagher.

With Kendrick and Gallagher securing the win, Itami was visibly upset and shoved his partner to the mat before leaving Tozawa alone in the ring.

🌐 Charlotte Flair, Asuka & Becky Lynch def. Carmella & The IIconics

The Princess of Staten Island seemed content to keep her distance from The Queen just five days before their title rematch, but Flair finally got her hands on Princess Mella and certainly gave her a taste of what she can expect this Sunday at WWE Backlash. However, thanks to The IIconics being by her side, Carmella got the upper-hand on Charlotte, allowing the space for her, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce to corner Flair.
It seemed Carmella and The IIconics were going to be able to successfully isolate The Queen, but things certainly went awry when The Empress of Tomorrow found her way into the contest, absolutely running rampant on her opposition. Becky and Charlotte took out Carmella and Billie Kay, with The Queen absolutely dazzling the WWE Universe with an incredible moonsault onto Princess Mella and Billie onto the floor. From there, Asuka had a reeling Royce alone to herself in the ring, and she applied the ever-painful Asuka Lock to get the submission victory for her and her squad.
Asuka was back on track and Charlotte had seemingly caused Carmella to doubt her chances of retaining at WWE Backlash

🌐 Xavier Woods def. Sheamus

The Bar now residing on SmackDown LIVE, it seems only fitting that they and The New Day rekindle their classic rivalry, this time in one-on-one action, as Xavier Woods squared off against Sheamus after the two units exchanged words — and The Bar tossed pancakes — backstage earlier in the night.

With Cesaro and The New Day keeping a watchful eye at ringside, Sheamus attempted to use his size and strength advantages to ground-and-pound Woods. Relentless as ever, Woods was fearless in his attack, taking multiple high-risk chances, including an awe-inspiring dive over the top rope onto Sheamus. However, when Cesaro and The New Day started to throw down on the outside, Sheamus took advantage by hurling Woods into the barricade. Even that would not be enough to keep Xavier down, though, as he caught Sheamus in a small package when they re-entered the ring to pick up what could be considered an upset win

🌐 Big Cass went to new lows to make a mockery of Daniel Bryan

Big Cass hit the scene on SmackDown LIVE to talk some smack on The “Yes!” Man and call him out… well, sort of.
With Bryan not cleared for competition and not in attendance due to the possibility of a chest infection, “Dan Lil’ Bryan,” a little person dressed up like Bryan, complete with beard and all, hit the scene. Cass then continued to rail on the actual Bryan while mocking the facsimile in front of him. When done with his pot shots, Cass thanked the little person, real name Pierre Lafleur, and then had him take several bows for the WWE Universe… before darn near big booting his head off his body.
WWE officials soon rushed down to save Lafleur from any further damage at the hands of the seven-footer.

🌐 The Miz TV: Jeff Hardy was the guest during contentious “Miz TV” also featuring Randy Orton and Shelton Benjamin

A frosty conversation ensued between The A-Lister and The Charismatic Enigma, and they were quickly joined by a surprise guest in
Randy Orton . Miz implied that Hardy had disrespected The Viper by taking his place in a match against Shelton Benjamin during the Superstar Shake-up. Orton refuted Miz’s claim, saying that Jeff simply took hold of an opportunity and that he wasn’t upset.
Ever the antagonist though, The A-Lister seemed determined to cause a rift between Hardy and Orton. And, although it didn’t appear to be working, Randy did make it clear to Jeff that he intended to win back the U.S. Title at WWE Backlash after losing it at WrestleMania to Jinder Mahal, who was unseated as champion by Jeff.
Shelton Benjamin then hit the scene, with his ears red hot at the notion that The Viper would be in line for a title opportunity before him, considering he had defeated Orton in one-on-one competition last week. Not thrilled with what he was hearing, Randy then knocked Benjamin down as he attempted to enter the ring, and after The A-Lister tried to blindside Orton, The Charismatic Enigma jumped in and dropped The Miz with Whisper in the Wind in a raucous scene to kick things off on the blue brand.

🌐 Randy Orton & Jeff Hardy def. The Miz & Shelton Benjamin

Despite the slight bit of uneasiness between the two earlier in the night, Orton & Hardy gelled well, working in unison to overcome the offensive onslaught that Miz and Benjamin brought their way. In the match’s pivotal moment, Randy Orton went on an absolute tear, hitting both Shelton and Miz with everything in his arsenal (including a ring-rattling RKO to Shelton), leading to Jeff Hardy defeating Shelton with the Swanton Bomb.
However, the good vibes did not last long, as The Apex Predator dropped The Charismatic Enigma with an RKO after the contest, sending a message that he still had Jeff’s championship in his crosshairs.

🌐 Shinsuke Nakamura demanded a public apology from AJ Styles

Styles verbally railed against Nakamura, calling him the “Con-Artist” and referencing the barrage of blindside low blows he has suffered at the hands of WWE’s Rockstar since WrestleMania 34. Styles refused to apologize and promised to hurt Nakamura come their rematch this Sunday at WWE Backlash, which Paige announced would now be a No Disqualification Match with the title on the line.
However, before The Phenomenal One could call Nakamura to the ring, he was interrupted by Samoa Joe , who made it clear that everyone was focusing on the wrong match at WWE Backlash. The Samoan Submission Machine took the opportunity to once again run Roman Reigns’ name through the mud, letting the WWE Universe know that he still believed The Big Dog to be a complete failure ahead of their match on Sunday. Joe brought everything full circle though, letting Styles know that after he took care of Reigns on Sunday, he would be coming for the WWE Championship.
Styles, none too thrilled with Joe’s claims, got done dirty yet again when Nakamura came out of nowhere and struck AJ with yet another low blow. Nakamura then taunted the downed Styles, seemingly enjoying every moment of the champion’s pain, swatting him in the back of the head several times before nailing him with a jaw-jacking Kinshasa, putting Styles down and making a vivid statement heading into WWE Backlash.

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