Anthony Joshua Def. Joseph Parker: Post Fight Comments And Reactions

Anthony Joshua Def. Joseph Parker: Post Fight Comments And Reactions


Anthony Joshua defended his IBF, IBO, WBA Heavyweight Titles successfully against Former WBO Heavyweight Champion Joseph Parker, winning with a unanimous decision, the first time he went the distadis in his professional career.

Joshua now (21-0, 20 KOs) gave Joseph Parker the first defeat of his professional career leaving him with a (25-1, 18 KOs) and taking his belt with him in the process.

Joseph Parker didn’t have a rematch clause in his contract and will have to work his way to a mandatory or win a belt which apart from the four with Joshua, is one WBC Heavyweight  Title left with Knock out artist Deontay Wilder.

Right after the fight, Joshua called out Deontay Wilder, “Just like Dillian said, ‘Wilder, let’s go, baby! Let’s go!’,” Joshua screamed during his post-fight interview with Sky Sports.

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🌐 Joshua Calls Out Wilder 

“All these years, UK fighters had to go to America,” Joshua explained. “Everyone had to spend a heap of money to go to Vegas. We can do it in London, around Wembley, Cardiff, local. We’re staying right here.”

“What would I have to do to beat Wilder?,” Joshua said. “Get him in the ring and I’ll knock him spark out.”

“Forget the hype,” Joshua said. “I’m not into that. Everyone here knows me better than that. I’m not into the hype. I’m about business, so let’s get the business done.

“And now I’ve got the time to take my trainer [Rob McCracken], Eddie Hearn, to sit down and discuss it, plan with Al Haymon, [Shelly Finkel] and see what the future holds. I’m down to arrive for whatever, whenever.”

“He knows,” Joshua said. “He knows on this side of the pond we’re serious. You know what I mean? UK, Great Britain boxing is on the map. We are representing. Not just myself, but all the undercard fighters, all the other heavyweight contenders, down to the lower weights. We are all representing. So you know we’re serious about our business.”

🌐 Wilder Reacts To Joshua Call Out

“Let’s make this fight happen, my people have been waiting,’ said Wilder.
“We’re on the same court, you never heard me say something and my team say something else. We’re always on the same page. On the other hand you know [Eddie] Hearn and Joshua, their stuff is always unbalanced, they say one thing, they say it’s another.

“Let’s make this fight happen, they are calling me out? That’s it, let’s make it happen. You [Joshua] should have just said you plead the fifth [amendment] when they asked about me. It’s been a long time coming, a long time waiting for me. The time has come, you said you want me, let’s make it happen, I can’t wait.”

Jarell Miller Accuses Anthony Joshua Of Losing To Parker

🌐 Wilder Will Knock Joshua Spark Out Tyson Fury

“They’re [Joshua and Parker] a pair of wooden tops, a pair of bums. AJ is no superstar – I am the man. I could beat AJ in my comeback. He’s not good enough to be my sparring partner. That was a load of s**t. Joshua is a bum. I’d knock him spark out,” Fury said.

“That was a s**t fight, shit performance by both fighters. AJ, please don’t fight Wilder because he’ll knock you spark out – take my £50 million instead.”

Joseph Parker Faces Dillian Whyte On July 28th

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