Jose Mourinho Press Conference Ahead Of Liverpool Clash At Old Trafford

Jose Mourinho Press Conference Ahead Of Liverpool Clash At Old Trafford 
(Premier League ) 
“Some of the guys with an opinion couldn’t resolve their own problems when they were managers, so they are giving opinions like they have, solutions for everything but it is not like that but they are in a position where they can give opinions about everything.”
“Sometimes I read, sometimes i don’t, sometimes I listen, sometimes I don’t; this week I was more focused on enjoying Champions League and Europa League and preparing my match than to be focused on opinions.But of course everyone has opinion.”


” I had a laugh with him. That’s fine. He’s an important guy for me, one of the guys that I trust, that I love the attitude, I love the character.”

” Against Crystal Palace, there was nothing that happened after our third goal but I told him central defender, so after the third goal he was playing central defender in a back five with Smalling and Lindelof because I couldn’t make any more changes. So when I say to the striker go there and do a job for me he is a sergeant.”

“He is a guy you can trust, his attitude is phenomenal. That is why I always thought and told you many times for me it’s not just about the goals he scored but what he brings to the team and he brings to the team that exact spirit.t’s that spirit.”

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The negatives of the second-half because in the second-half at 2-2 they had a big chance to win it before we scored the third goal.
That ball lost and unbalanced transition, that easy cross from the right, the free header in the small box…we made mistakes in that match, we had good things but we had also mistakes.


“It helps. It helps. Crystal Palace I can imagine if we are losing 2-0 and our away fans, how many? 1,500 or something like that or 2,000? We could feel disapproval or criticism or support. It was 2-0 down and we only felt support and at 2-1 we kept feeling more belief and at 2-2 we felt they want us to go for it. They can help. Of course, Old Trafford is a huge majority of Manchester United fans, so they can help.”


“I still don’t know because in my mentality every match is the same and I’m not very good on that culture of ‘this rivalry is special, that match is special’.
I’ve never been very good at it, I never looked to AC Milan as the biggest rival, i never look at Atletico Madrid as the enemy, I never looked to Spurs or to Arsenal as the big rival. I never have been very good at it”

“For me it just a big match, two historical clubs – not just in England but the world – and in this moment important points for top four, important points for second position – that is better than third and fourth – but I still don’t look to some matches as special opponents.
It’s just a big match because we are speaking about two big clubs”.

“I don’t, honestly, we have three matches now – Liverpool Sevilla and Brighton. If you ask me if I could choose one to be the most important one I can’t choose so for me the most important one is Liverpool because it is next but the other two are knockout”

The other two means we are in the Champions League quarter-final or no, means we go to a Wembley semi-final or no.
So I don’t look at it. I want to win of course, it is a big match, it’s a big opponent, is the team just behind us, is a team that is already in the Champions League last eight so of course it is a big match but I’m not very good on that rivalry. Every opponent is a rival”.

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