Canelo Alvarez Fails Pre-Fight Drug Test : Reactions, Progress And Controversial Standpoint

Canelo Alvarez Fails Pre-Fight Drug Test : Reactions, Progress And Controversial Standpoint
Canelo Alvarez Ahead of his scheduled rematch with middle weight king Gennady Golovkin has failed a routine drug test, conducted by NYSAC, has been found positive for trace levels of Clenbuterol, which has been attributed to contaminated meat.
The test which was carried out by SMRTL, the lab accredited by VADA for the test has also confirmed, it falls in the range expected from meat contamination. “These values are all within the range of what is expected from meat contamination.”. Lab director Daniel Eichner said.

Nevada State Athletic Commission and Gennady Golovkin’s promoter, Tom Loeffler were made aware of the development immediately by the Golden Boy Promotions and Canelo will immediately move his training camp from Mexico to the United States for further test ahead of his scheduled title challenge against GGG.

Canelo Alvarez (49 -1-2, 34 KOs) met with middleweight King Gennady Golovkin (37-0-1, 33 KOs) back in September, 2017 and ended the fight a split draw as the judges scored the fight – Don Trella voted 114-114, Dave Moretti: 113-115 in favor of Golovkin, and Adalaide Byrd: 118-110 for Canelo.


Ahead of their rematch both fighters have promised knockouts, as they both plan to avoid the scorecards this time to silence they critics.
🌐 Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) executive director Bob Bennett
“We have received the adverse analytical finding from VADA regarding Mr. Alvarez,” Bennett told MMA Fighting. “As per our standard operational procedures, we are going forward with our investigation.”
“At this point in time, I really cant make a determination [on the status of the rematch]. The investigation hasn’t concluded — it’s obviously in its infancy stages.”
🌐 WBA President Gilberto Mendoza
“I believe in Canelo’s innocence. He has always shown himself to be a clean athlete. It seems that the issue of clenbuterol is a common problem in Mexico, and on some occasions a sister organization like the WBC has had to study this problem more often in the past and I think they will have much more experience in this regard.
“I know that it is within the levels that are reflected by the consumption of contaminated meat and as I have been able to read that he will undergo any test and if it maintains that, then the WBA will be on Canelo’s side with the doors wide open as we have always done. We are going to have a big fight on May 5. This will add a bit of drama to the fight. I know the fight will continue, and we will agree to establish additional protocols, although this procedure is led by VADA and there should be no problem.”
“For every fight they test him like a dozen times. So you’re talking about a fighter who’s been tested around a 150 times, blood and urine, everything. And he’s been clean, everything’s been fine,” Gomez said.
🌐 WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman
“We are going to follow the same line that we have taken in each of the positives [for other boxers who tested positive for clenbuteral]. We will follow the protocol and we will work with the boxing commission where the fight will take place to get to the bottom of things,” said Sulaiman to ESPN Deportes.
“In a superficial way, as far as we know about clenbuterol, because of the level found and with the clean record of Canelo, who has been a part of the program of the Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency for four years and had never tested positive, and considering that the problem of clenbuterol is a public health issue – everything indicates that it is a food contamination.”
🌐 President of Golden Boy Promotions
“I’m confident everything’s going to be fine. They’re going to do additional testing but I’m confident. It was a very low amount. He’s still in Mexico, he’s been training in Mexico and he’s coming to San Diego now. It’s probably out of his system now.”
“It’s unfortunate for athletes in Mexico that they don’t have the same strict regulation with the food and with the additives that we do here,” said Gomez, who says Alvarez – who fought Golovkin to a draw back in September – has no objection to extra drug testing leading into the rematch. “Of course, he has no problems with that.”
“We’re going to continue as if there’s still a fight till we hear something different from the Nevada Athletic Commission,” said Tom Loeffler, the head of GGG Promotions, to BoxingScene.
“We’ll have to see what the fallout is but that’s why Abel (Sanchez) has always insisted on testing for ‘Triple G’ fights because he pushes so hard and has tremendous conditioning He never want to leave any doubts around Gennady’s training and Gennady feels that out of respect for the sport, there should be a level playing field.
“So we’ll have to see the reaction to this positive test for ‘Canelo'”
🌐 Victor Conte, (CEO of the SNAC System)
“Clenbuterol is a very potent and effective performance-enhancing drug that would certainly help a boxer,” said Conte to the Las Vegas Review Journal.
“They fought six months ago. What have they been doing since then? For four months, they had the green light to do whatever they wanted.
“Here, we end up with this dog-ate-my-homework type of excuse and everyone thinks was doing drugs. It is plausible that he did not intentionally cheat. Nobody can say for sure if there was intent or not. He could have used Clenbuterol for three months and there are still traces in his body. Or he could have eaten tainted meat.
“But these are multi-million-dollar athletes. I’d be shipping in fresh meat from someone other than Mexico. They had to know this was a possibility.”
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