Anthony Joshua Vs Joseph Parker Weigh In : Photos And Summary

Anthony Joshua Vs Joseph Parker Weigh In : Photos And Summary


Anthony Joshua and Joseph Parker wentwon the scales ahead of their unification fight on the 31st of March at the Principality Stadium, Cardiff.

Anthony Joshua came in lighter, weighing  242 ¼ pounds which was 6 pounds lighter than Parker 236 ½ lbs.

🌐 Anthony Joshua 

“Carrying around a bit of extra weight makes things difficult,” Joshua said. “I’ve been running well, training well. There’s been tough times in camp, but losing that little bit of extra weight has made things that little bit easier.

“It’s a perfect weight for the fighter I’m about to face tomorrow because he’s nimble and he’s quick. I’ve got boxing skill and I can control him, but I think the lighter I am the more I’ll be able to match him for speed.”

On The Fight
You have to remember that even though I’m heavyweight champion of the world, there’s another belt I’m fighting for. In my mind, I’m a challenger,” Joshua said. “Scrap my belts. I’m challenging for the WBO heavyweight championship of the world. That’s what I’m going for and that’s what my mindset is. I’m hungry. I’m determined. I’m willing to go the distance or I’m willing to take risks and take him out early. I just want to secure that win one way or another.” Joshua said

“This type of fight where two champions who are undefeated come together is history. The last person to win was Mike Tyson thirty years ago. If I do win, I haven’t spoken about it much, but providing I do get this win we’re going to set history in late 2018. I’ll become undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.”

🌐 Joseph Parker 

“(Joshua’s weight) makes me think that he’s taking the fight very seriously,” Parker said. “There’s not much of a weight difference, which is good. I think we’re both going to be fast tomorrow night. We’re both going to move well and throw some big bombs.

“I saw confidence in Joshua. He’s a good champion. I saw confidence so I’m expecting a really good fight.”

Concerning Judges and Referees

“I’m not worried about a decision,” Parker said. “We’ve done everything we can in training to prepare. The biggest thing for me is the challenge of fighting someone like Joshua. If it goes into a dark place, how long will I stay there for? How fast can I come back?

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