UFC On FOX 28 Results, Images And Round By Round Coverage

UFC On FOX 28 Results, Images And Round By Round Coverage 


The UFC On FOX 28 Event taking place at the Amway Center in Orlando is proving to be much more interesting than expected and we are poised to bring you the results and round by round coverage of the fights.

The main Event Jeremy Stephens (27-14 MMA, 14-13 UFC) faces fellow featherweight Josh Emmett (13-1 MMA, 4-1 UFC), and the co-headliner, Jessica Andrade (17-6 MMA, 8-4 UFC) fights Tecia Torres (10-1 MMA, 6-1 UFC) in a clash of women’s strawweight.


🌐 Jeremy Stephens KOs. Josh Emmett 

Result: via KO (strikes) – Round 2, 1:35

Records: Jeremy Stephens (28-14 MMA, 15-13 UFC), Josh Emmett (13-2 MMA, 4-2 UFC)

Division: Featherweight

Broadcast: FOX

Referee: Dan Miragliotta

Round 1 – Emmett active with lateral movement early. Stephens calm and patient. Feints from both. Low kick draws missed counter from Emmett. Punch flurry from Emmett blocked. Kick from Stephens misses. Emmett with a right hand that’s blocked, and Stephens counter misses. Stutter step draws body shot for Stephens. Low kick catches Stephens were it counts, and we pause. Short break, and we’re back. Emmett triees a high kick. Stephens working to corner his foe. Leaping knee to right hand for Emmett. Stephens wants revenge and is closing. Fake into a left hook for Emmett, and Stephens come in. It looks like he slipped and injured his ankle, but he nevertheless pops Emmett with a punch and gets back to offense, looking no worse from the wear. Body shot beats Stephens’s counter. In next exchange, Stephens lands his right hook. Emmett tries to hit and get out. Stephens marches forward and walks right into a right hand that drops him. Emmett works from top position and lands a pair of right hooks. Stephens explodes and gets to his feet. Emmett motions center cage. Jumping kick attempt pushes back Stephens, who resumes his charge. Emmett’s movement is frustrating him. Body kick good for Stephens on the charge. MMAjunkie scores the first frame 10-9 for Emmett.

Round 2 – Emmett in eearly on a combination that’s blocked. Stephens attacks the lead leg. Feints from Emmett and kicks. Loateral movement to escape Stephens. Quick in and out attacks from Emmett. Stephens misses on a power left hook. Spinning backfist slams Emmett’s head, but he’s OK. Big overhand right from Emmett misses. Stephens fires his left hook and clips Emmett square, dropping him to the mat. Emmett gets up and Stephens appears to land an illegal knee to the head of his downed opponent. But when Emmett gets up, Stephens measures his fists and lands another devastating punch and elbow that puts Emmett out cold.

🌐 Jessica Andrade Decisions. Tecia Torres

Result: Jessica Andrade def. Tecia Torres via unanimous decision (29-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Records: Jessica Andrade (18-6 MMA, 9-4 UFC), Tecia Torres (10-2 MMA, 6-2 UFC)

Division: Women’s strawweight

Broadcast: FOX

Referee: Kevin MacDonald

Round 1 – Torres working a jab early. Andrade attacks the lead leg and whiffs on an early hook. A big right prompts an explision of offense from Andrade, none of which lands. Torres playing the matador early. Right hands are good as Andrade charges. Torres peppering Andrade with right hands. Left hook lands for Andrade, but she’s getting clipped repeatedly. Right hand also good for Andrade. But the more she charges, she more she draws accurate counters from Torres. Right hook good for Andrade, and Torres repays her. Left hook now being timed a little better by Andrade, who presses into the clinch. Torres frames and escapes. Andrade charges again and lands a pair of hooks. Torres still hanging tough, but she’ beginning to show some of the signs of wear. Andrade is just a tank, walking through her counters and firing back with intense punches. Punches to the jaw are finding her. Torres sits down on a punch, and Andrade lifts and slams her to the mat to close out the frame. MMAjunkie scores the frame 10-9 for Torres, who still gets the frame for her superior accuracy.

Round 2 – Andrade closes and tries to leap with a knee. Torres circles and pops a leg kick. Andrade charges again and misses on a flurry. Andrade lands a few shots on her next offense. Andrade punches into the clinch and looks for a takedown. Torres fights it, but Andrade lifts and slams her again. Punches to the midsection from up top. As Andrade adjusts, Torres tries a reverse triangle. Short-lived attempt, as Andrade shucks off the legs and takes side mount. Torres throws up and kicks off her legs, and Andrade stands overhead. Again, Torres kicks her off and escapes. One-two good for Torres. Andrade follows and lands a pair of hooks. A nice right hook coiunter from Torres, who’s trying to avoid the onslaught. Andrade initiates clinch and Torres tries to climb to the back, but she’s slammed to the mat. Torres pops upand gets tossed again. Andrade works punches to the body and head. Torres goes for an armbar, and Andrade lifts out of it. Upkick slaps Andrade, and Torres again attacks for the arm. Andrade fights it and pulls out, and she tosses Torres back to the mat. In a scramble, she pops up and works for a last-second takedown. Despite many hoists and trip attempts, Torres can’t get the takedown. 2nd round ends 10-9 Andrade, and it’s even at 19-19.

Round 3 – Hug from the competitors, and they go at it for five minutes. Torres attacks the legs and prompts a charge from Andrade, who gets the takedown and drags Torres back down when she tries to get up. Torres scrambles again and gets back to her feet, and Andrade works against the fence. Body punches from Andrade. Torres escapes. Jumping front kick misses for Andrade. Low kick from Torres prompts charge. Slower pace. But Andrade still stalking. Torres fires and she ducks under, lifting and slamming. Torres is up, only to get tripped down. Andrade working ground and pound. Big right hands up top. Upkicks miss from Torres. Andrade now going to work more. Torres appears to have lost some spring in her step. Intense pace finally favoring Andrade, who’s pounding away with punches and hammerfists. Side mount. Torres tries to turn and can’t get away. Reverse triangle not there. Kick off allows Torres up, and Andrade knees her to the head before going for a leg. Another takedown, but Torres manages to reverse on the way and get to the back. Position isn’t there and Torres has to accept the bottom position. Hammerfists again. Torres up, and she’s tripped again. Andrade ends the round with a flurry of hammerfists to the body. Final Round frame 10-9 for Andrade, who rallies for the 29-28 decision.

🌐  Ilir Latifi KOs Ovince Saint Preux

Records: Ilir Latifi (13-5 MMA, 6-3 UFC), Ovince Saint Preux (22-10 MMA, 10-5 UFC)

Division: Light heavyweight

Broadcast: FOX

Referee: Jorge Alonso

Judging : KO

Round 1 – Saint Preux pawing early with his lead hand. Both fighters switching stances. Lead hook clips Latifi early. He fires back with a body kick. Latifi flurries to keep Saint Preux away and takes a side kick. Latifi pops Saint Preux when he gets too close. Saint Preux attacks the legs, and Latifi replies. Kicks stall Saint Preux’s advance. When he gets too close, Latifi ducks his head and fires off a flurry. Head kick nearly takes off Latifi’s head, and audience oohs. Stiff jabs for both, and pace picking up. Saint Preux attacks the lead leg. Latifi’s left is good on a charge. Leftifi drops Saint Preux with a left hook. Saint Preux pops up tries to survive. Instead, he gets clipped with another shot. Saint Preux rights himself again and Latifi jumps to wrap the head. He cranks with all his might until Saint Preux drops unconscious to the mat. Crazy fast finish. Replay shows Saint Preux tapped slightly before going out, but referee Alonso was on wrong side.

🌐 Mike Perry Decisions Max Griffin

Result: Max Griffin def. Mike Perry via unanimous decision (29-27, 29-27, 30-27)

Records: Max Griffin (13-4 MMA, 1-2 UFC), Mike Perry (11-2 MMA, 4-2 UFC)

Division: Welterweight

Broadcast: FOX

Referee: Andrew Glenn

Round 1 – Perry leads with a hook kick and draws a punch counter from Griffin. Griffin attacks the head as Perry ducks. Fast lateral movement from Griffin as Perry closes. Perry misses wide with right hook. Leg kick from Perry, but his hooks miss. Griffin firing straight punches in close, and he’s keeping Perry away. Straight right good for Griffin. Perry initiates clinch in next exchange, and Griffin knees to the body before shucking off Perry. Low kick slams perry. Counter and move for Griffin. Hook kick again misses for Perry. But leg kick good. Straight jab clips Perry, who ducks under Griffin’s counter and nearly misses with his right. Griffin again eludes the worst of Perry’s bombs. Leg kicks from Griffin. Then a nice body shot. Perry jump kicks sgtraigght into a one-two combo from Griffin. Fight IQ is not in his corner so far. Griffin playing a smart game and picking him apart. Perry rips the body and lets Griffin go. Griffin grabs the clinch on a missed heak kick. Perry gets his own takedown in the next sequence and threatens a rear-naked choke before ending the frame in mount. He runs out of time before he can do work, and Griffin takes the frame 10-9.

Round 2 – Perry nails a left hook early. Griffin trying to use his length. Nice combo from Griffin early, and Perry looks dazed briefly. Leg kick draws straight counter from Griffin. Jab good. Charge from Griffin nets some offense. Perry digs the body. Griffin circles off and repies in kind. They trade jabs. Perry tries to clinch up and deliver a kill shot, but Griffin escapes and fires back to keep his foe at bay. Left hook for Perry good, but Griffin is still there. Still using his distance properly. Head kick blocked from Griffin. Perry stalking his prey. Clinch intercepted, and Griffin circles away. Jab defuses big hook from Perry. Left hook good for Perry. Griffin lands a onw-two. The two is a hook that drop Perry clean. He pops up, but the damage has been done. Blood now coating Perry’s face. He hasn’t made a dent so far. Superman punch leads to flurry in the final seconds of the round, and Perry wears almost all of it. Result For Round –  10-9 for Griffin, who’s now 20-18.

Round 3 – Griffin works the leg early. Griffin charges and meets a right hook from Perry. All of a sudden, Griffin is on his bicycle, and Perry is stalking him. Perry charges into the clinch and takes the back, trying to get on his foe for a choke. Griffin shucks him off and tries to do the same in an ensuing scarmble before they reset. Griffin attacks the lead leg. Back to the game plan. Right hand counter good for Griffin. Perry lands with a winging left hook, then a right. Midway through the frame. Straight right defuses power punch from Perry. Perry puts his hands up trying to get Griffin to trade. He fakes a look into the stands and fires off a hook. Griffin is too smart for that and stays clean with straight counters. Perry is running out of time. Leg kick catches him. Big hooks are not working. Head kick slaps Griffin, and he’s trying like all hell to avoid Perry’s last0minute charge. Left hiok catches Griffin, and he goes for a takedown. Scramble, and Griffin recovers to his feet. Perry is pressing for a takedown, and then decides to right himself. Griffin drops for a guillotine choke and winds up on bottom. Perry runs out of time, and Results For Round –  10-9. Giving Griffin 29-28 decision.

🌐 Renan Barao vs. Brian Kelleher

Result: Brian Kelleher def. Renan Barao via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Records: Renan Barao (34-6 MMA, 9-5 UFC), Brian Kelleher (19-8 MMA, 3-1 UFC)

Division: Bantamweight

Referee: Dan Miragliotta

Round 1 – Kelleher and Barao trade kicks, and Kelleher closes distances. Feints from Kelleher and Barao bouncy on his feet. Barao working a jab. Kelleher swings wide with a right hand. Head kick from Kelleher blocked. Kelleher in and out with attacks, and trying to end with overhand right. Nice leg kick from Barao. Jab trade and Barao misses with an overhand right. Another stiff low kick from Barao, and another almost sweeps Kelleher. Barao now knows what to do. Kelleher trying to punch his way inside to avoid more damage. He finally lands his right hand, and Barao locks up for a clinch against the fence. Midway through the round. They trade knees, and Kelleher reverses against the fence, looking for a leg. Barao muscles for underhooks. Kelleher with an elbow inside, and he drops for a takedown. Action warning from Miragliotta. Then a break, and Kelleher is charging in and firing big shots. Barao trying the counter, and he’s punching backward. Big right hand lands again for Kelleher, and Barao moves for a takedown. Against the fence, Kelleher fights the trip. Elbow in close from the ex-champ. Kelleher reverses and works the knees. Takedown attempt. Barao working to get underhooks, and they’re running out of time. Round 1 ends in a tie-up, but Kelleher took the round 10-9.

Round 2 – Barao punching in close early. Kelleher goes for the takedown and is blocked. He muscles Barao to the fence and gets reversed. Another clinch fest against the cage. Kelleher peels off with a right elbow. Marao so close on his counter punches. He attacks the legs. Kelleher lands a left straight and again initiates the clinch, muscling Barao to the fence. Reversal. Knees in close from both. But it’s mostly a tactical stalement. Kelleher gets the legs and secures a double leg. Barao pops up after one second on the mat. Again, back to the clinch. Miragliotta breaks them again, and Barao punches in, taking a left hook for his efforts. They’re trading in close, and Kelleher is blocking most of the punches coming his way. He again pushes for a takedown and uses head control to stuff Barao. Reversal from the ex-champ. A trip attempt from Barao fails, and there’s 30 seconds to go. Kelleher keeps the clinch and they trade knees. Break again with 10 seconds to go, and they get off a pair of missed shots before time again sounds. Round Score –  10-9 for Kelleher, leaving him leading 20-18.

Round 3 – Kelleher presses in and takes a one-two from Barao. he keeps pressing and tries to land as Kelleher gets in close. Leaping knee misses for Barao. Leg kick for Barao. And another. Spinning backfist glances for Kelleher, who shoots in and his stuffed by Barao. More urgency from the Brazilian this round. Inside leg kick good. He’s fighting forward this round. Uppercut from Kelleher good. Phonebooth fighting. Barao puts his left hand on Kelleher, who lands a hook in counter. Another spin for Kelleher and Barao is moving back. Kelleher looking for his big right, and he takes a leg kick that visily hurts him. He pushes into the clinch and takes a knee and punch to the body. Another firefight in close, and Kelleher walks Barao to the cage. They trade position and trade knees in close. Barao peels off with a knee. They’re trading again, but so far both men avoiding the worst of the attaks. Spin attack opens up right hand for Kelleher who rocks Barao with a right hand. Then another right hand, and Barao is in trouble. Kelleher walking him down and looking or that knockout punch. Shot stuffed, and Kelleher pauses. Lead uppercut for Kelleher. Trading huge shots with not much time left. Kelleher with a right, and then Barao. Swinging for the fence with seconds left, and Barao is getting caught with hook after hook. He’s literally about to fall down as the final bell sounds. Crazy slugfest in the final seconds. Kelleher was down early in the round, but turned the tide again with his right hand and late-round attack. He wins the frame 10-9 and takes home the 30-27 decision

🌐 Sara McMann KOs. Marion Reneau

Result: Marion Reneau def. Sara McMann via submission (triangle choke) – Round 2, 3:40

Records: Sara McMann (11-5 MMA, 5-5 UFC), Marion Reneau (9-3-1 MMA, 5-2-1 UFC)

Division: Women’s bantamweight

Referee: Kevin MacDonald

Round 1 – Reneau active with lateral movement and dodges a flurry of punches from McMann early. Superman punch countered by Reneau. McMann really firing wildly with her punching combos, but they’re short. A big right hand lands for McMann in the subsequent exchange, however, and she capitalizes with a huge takedown. She almost gets a crucifix before settling into a side mount. She briefly gets position and pistons her right hand before Reneau bucks and gets free. McMann relentless and keeps moving into crucifix. Reneau having less and less success getting free. With half the round down, McMann is hanging out in side control. She steps up and traps Reneau’s left arm, working quick punches. Reneau tries to shrimp away and McMann is all over her. Reneau now using her arms to frame and give herself space. She gets to her knees briefly, but McMann wheels to the back and hangs on. A brief north-sound attempt as Reneau is flattened out. Again, McMann adjusts and takes side control. Reneau is floundering. Arm trapped again, and Reneau is taking unanswered right hands. Time runs out in the round, saving Reneau from a first-round TKO. opening Round Result 10-8 for McMann.

Round 2 – Reneau putting her gameface on and moving forward, but McMann’s first-round performance has left its mark. McMann charges in again with another wild flurry. Reneau trying to work traditional striking while McMann just going guns blazing to set up takedowns. So far, no takedown yet, but it’s only a matter of time. In response to a McMann flurry, Reneau lands a right hand that drops her flush. McMann tries to shoot and is stuffed, and Reneau tries to capitalize. McMann again goes for the takedown and is stymied by elbows to the side of the head. She gets back to her feet, and Reneau tries to put together combinations. She’s unsuccessful in landing the killing blow, and McMann ducks under for a takedown. Problem is, Reneau has already set up for a triangle. Hold is getting tighter and tighter, and Reneau is now pulling the head. McMann is in deep trouble. Reneau punching McMann to improve her position. McMann tries to buck to her side and loses the air to fight the choke. There’s the tap, and Reneau pulls off the come-from-behind win. She leaps up and screams in bloody joy.

🌐 Maryna Moroz vs. Angela Hill

Result: Angela Hill def. Maryna Moroz via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Records: Angela Hill (7-4 MMA, 2-4 UFC), Maryna Moroz (8-2 MMA, 3-2 UFC)

Division: Women’s strawweight

Referee: Jorge Alonso

Round 1 – Moroz tries to give Hill puaw with kicks and punches as Hill advances. Hill lands a nice right and follows with a leg kick. Hill follows up and lands again with her right. Moroz using kicks to keep distance, but Hill is getting inside and landing an overhand right repeatedly. Moroz takedown hint isn’t there. Hill back in, and she’s chasing Moroz back with punches and kicks. Leg kick almost sweeps Moroz’s lead leg. Moroz closes and Hill initiates the clinch, landing and elbow in close before they break off. Moroz tries to get some points back on the board and again walks into the overhand right. Hill punches in and grabs a leg for a possible takedown. She decides it’s not worth the effort and disengages. Hill grabs the plumb in close and fires off a frew knees. She’s bullying Moroz around the cage. Moroz grabs a clinch and takes a few quick shots. Left hook good for Moroz, but Hill is undeterred. Moroz’s strike count is high, but a lot of shots are short. Spinning backfist leads to takedown attempt from Hill, who again switches tactics when she can’t get it. Leaping knee from Hill ends the frame, and she takes the round, 10-9.

Round 2 – Hill closes and attacks the inside leg. Moroz fires off jabs and kicks at distance to keep her opponent at bay. Hill digs a body kick and keeps her distance. Hill can reach with her overhand right. Moroz the busier striker, but again, a lot of her strikes are short or blocked. Hill initiates the clinch and works knees against the fence. Dirty boxing from Hill, who lands a nice uppercut before Moroz resets. Moroz ducks under a Hill punch and pushes into the clinch. She walks Hill back to the cage, only to get tossed to the mat. Working from guard, Hill lands an elbow up top. And more. Moroz’s left eye is not doing so well. Pass attempt allows Moroz back to her feet. Hill lands a right before disengaging. Moroz again with a high strike count. Her kicks are the most effective attack this round simply because she’s got length on Hill. Another right is good for Hill. Moroz charges into the clinch with 30 seconds to work. A last-second flurry from Moroz ends the frame, though Hill escapes the bulk of it. MMAjunkie scores the frame 10-9 for Hill, putting her up 20-18.

Round 3 – Moroz leads with a flurry. Hill trades body kicks with her foe. Moroz hasn’t slowed down one bit after two rounds. Hill good with a three-punch combo. Moroz continues to fire and lands some glancing shots. Most of them are short or blocked. Body kick good. Hill’s strike count has dropped consinderabaly. Moroz’s kick is caught and Hill sweeps her other leg. Hill goes body-head with a punch. Her hooks are good from distance. As Moroz stops, she fires off her hooks. She works into the clinch and fires off a few knees. It isn’t long before Moroz pushes her off with kicks. Those are again Moroz’s best weapon. Every time she gets too close, Hill lands power punches inside. Moroz takes a jab and fires back more kicks. They work into the clinch again, and Hill fires off knees and elobws. Nice elbow as Moroz resets. Combinations from Moroz defty countered by Hill. They’re firing away with abandon as the seconds tick down. Again, Moroz is the slightly busier fighter. But as time runs out, Hill is the one with more significant offense in her corner. MMAjunkie gives her the third round via 10-9, and the 30-27 decision.

🌐 Alan Jouban Kos . Ben Saunders 

Result: Alan Jouban def. Ben Saunders via KO (punch) – Round 2, 2:38

Records: Alan Jouban (16-6 MMA, 7-4 UFC), Ben Saunders (21-9-2 MMA, 9-6 UFC)

Division: Welterweight

Referee: Andrew Glenn

Round 1 – Jouban leads with a body kick, prompting Saunders to try and cut him off after another pair of attacks. Jouban in and out before Saunders can clinch. Saunders bullies into the clinch and tries to work against the fence. They trade knees to the bread basket before Jouban escapes. Jouban misses on a combo and slps Saunders with a head kick. Volume on Jouban’s side early. Not all of his shots get through, but he’s giving Saunders a hard time. Saunders lands a nice right hand as Jouban briefly turns his head. Low kick slaps Saunders as he moves in. He pushes back Jouban with punches and kicks. Right hand good for Saunders, who’s got Jouban on his heels. Jouban batters the insie leg with shots. Right head kick and right hook hurt Saunders, who’s blooied. Low kick sweeps Saunders off his feet. Sudden momentum shift. Jouban really working the lead leg. Inside right hook good for Jouban, who’s starting to find his distance and pick apart Saunders. Low kick stops him in his tracks, though. After a brief restart, Jouban lands a kick straight up and chases back Saunders with a wheel kick. Inside leg kick tearing up Saunders, who drops to the mat after a combination. He wants Jouban down, but Jouban isn’t having it. Lead leg looks ready to go for Saunders, who’s trying to muscle through it and fire back. Jouban has the speed and accuracy advantage, however, and pops the leg again before the frame ends. MMAjunkie scores the round 10-9 for Jouban.

Round 2 – Saunders circling in away from Jouban’s power. Charge of punches short. Jouban moving to evade the charge and pops a body kick. Head kick and combination catches Saunders, who grabs the plumb. Jouban has Saunders aagainst the cage, and they’re trading huge elbows in close. Both guys tagging each other. Spinning back elbow misses for Jouban, who resets. Saunders with a pair of straight rights, and Jouban forced to reset. Jouban goes back to work on the lead leg. Saunders is limping. Jouban capitalizes with a punch combo as Saunders leg briefly gives out. Saunders charges in nonetheless and winds up in the clinch, where Jouban tags him with a flurry of elbows. Saunders still there, and Jouban has to reset. Saunders can barely walk, and as he staggers forward on a wobbly leg, Jouban places a straight left hand that drops him cold.

🌐 Sam Alvey KOs. Marcin Prachnio

Result: Sam Alvey def. Marcin Prachnio via TKO (strikes) – Round 1, 4:23

Records: Sam Alvey (32-10 MMA, 9-5 UFC), Marcin Prachnio (13-3 MMA, 0-1 UFC)

Division: Middleweight

Broadcast: UFC Fight Pass

Referee: Dan Miragliotta

Round 1 – Prachnio advances with a few kicks. Lots of leg feints and low kicks. Spinning kick intercepted by Alvey, who only gets a few punches off before Prachnio gets to his feet. As he does, Alvey has the head wrapped and hangs on the neck. Prachnio kneeing he legs. Alvey trying to control him and periodically cranking the neck. Stalemate. Finally, Prachnio frees his head and resets in center cage. He’s pawing with kicks and punches. Alvey has yet to commit to a counter. Nice leg kick and a head kick cracks Prachnio’s guard. Prachnio pushing in and lands a nice right hand. Alvey presses forward and eats a side kick. Alvey almost sweeps Prachnio’s leg from under him. Alvey again with the low kick that defuses the punch. Body shot goot for Prachnio, and Prachnio is on the offense. Alvey walks him straight into a right hand and drops him. Prachnio pops right back up and again charges forward. Alvey greets him with another right hook, and Prachnio drops unconscious to the mat, out on his feet.

🌐 Alex Perez decisions. Eric Shelton

Result: Alex Perez def. Eric Shelton via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Records: Alex Perez (20-4 MMA, 2-0 UFC), Eric Shelton (11-5 MMA, 1-3 UFC)

Division: Flyweight

Broadcast: UFC Fight Pass

Referee: Jorge Alonso

Judging: Richard Bertrand, William Roy Silbert, David Tirelli 30-27 (Perez judging)

Round 1 – Perez leads with a leg kick and presses forward. Shelton replies with a big straight right and resets. Perez attacks the leg again and draws stiff right hands on his next attempts. Shelton countering and circling as Perez presses forward. Right good for Perez. Shelton shoots in the open and Perez sets up for a choke. He wheels to the back and Shelton rolls to give his back. In guard, the two trade short shots. Shelton tries to scoot away and can’t escape. Perez misses on a big right elbow. Next one good. Midway through the frame. Shelton kicks his legs and manages to get back to his feet. Perez inches in again and Shelton works the counter. He dodges Perez on the next charge. Right hand good for Perez again. Perez looks like he’s found his range, while Shelton’s counters are being blocked. Combo good for Perez, and Shelton cirlces off having taken a few big shots. Shelton narrowly avoids a head kick on his next reset. Shelton grabs the plumb on the next approach and again draws the head kick as he circles. Perez grabs a leg as they close, and he converts a leg for a takedown. First round 10-9 for Perez.

Round 2 – Perez in early again and firing off punches. Shelton missing on the counter. Perez again with a right hand, and it really catches Shelton, who grabs the neck as Perez initiates a clinch and briefly smothers against the fence. Resetting, Perez advances, and the two trade right hands again. Shelton tries a charge from distanve, and his punches are blocked. So far, he’s having a tough time getting through. Perez deflects a shot there and gets a takedown of his own. As Shelton tries to explode, Perez bowls him over and gets to guard. Scooting to the fence, Perez works ground and pound as Shelton tries to stand. Perez trying to ground him with underhooks. Shelton can’t post well enough to recover and winds up sitting against the fence with two minutes left. Shelton elbows the flanks, but Perez still has his arms locked around the waist. Shelton turns and Perez gets to his back. Shelton spins to his hands and knees and Perez sprawls out as he shoots. No dice, and Perez repays him with short punches. Less than one minute to go, and Shelton looks winded. He wraps the head as Perez pushes him back. Running out of time. Shelton elbows the back as the round ends.  second Round 10-9 for Perez, putting him up 20-18.

Round 3 – Final round, and Shelton needs something big. He fires back on Perez’s kick and then sprawls out on a takedown. Perez forced to reset. Shelton sticks a right hand and resets. Combinations and single shots from Shelton. A right hook is good. Perez short in an extended exchange. Shelton doing a better job of keeping Perez at distance. And then, he gets too close, and Perez grabs a leg. After an adjustment, Shelton’s butt is on the mat. He scrambles to the cage and Perez gets to the back, kneeing the legs. Shelton powers to his feet and tries to get loose with his punches. Perez’s defense good. Another charge from Shelton, and Perez backs away. He knows he’s got this in the bag as long as he covers up. Shelton lands a nice right, but it doesn’t have the steam on it to give Perez pause. Just over one minute to go, and Shelton’s attacks are getting blocked. Perez shoots and gets the takedown. Shelton’s reversal attempt doesn’t have the steam. Perez adjusts as Shelton kicks out. Sitting against the fence, it’s desperation mode. Perez grabs the torso as Shelton explodes and then takes the back as Shelton gets up. Shelton trying to escape and winds up pounding the body as the round ends.  Round  Score 10-9 for Perez, who gets the 30-27 score.

🌐 Manny Bermudez Submits. Albert Morales

Result: Manny Bermudez def. Albert Morales via submission (guillotine choke) – Round 2, 2:33

Records : Manny Bermudez (11-0 MMA, 1-0 UFC), Albert Morales (7-4-1 MMA, 1-4-1 UFC)

Division: Bantamweight

Broadcast: UFC Fight Pass

Referee: Andrew Glenn

Round 1 – Bermudez hints early at a takedown, and they trade jabs. Morales pushes forward early and lands a big right straight, prompting a takedown attempt from Bermudez. Morales wraps the head, but doesn’t protect the legs, and Bermudez gets mount. Morales explodes and sweeps, and Bermudez retorts with a triangle attempt. Angle isn’t there, and Morales tries to stand out. Bermudez pulling the head. It’s not there, and he’s got to give up or risk burning out his legs. Morales has three minutes to work from up top. So far, a jiu-jitsu match. Bermudez slaps on another triangle and segues to an oma plata. Morales patient, and he rolls over. Bermudez grabs his neck and then wheels around to the back. Nice scramble, and Bermudez is now on top. Almost mounted. Morales goes to work with elbows from bottom. First punch from Bermudez. One minute left. Morales kicks off and Bermudez immediately swarms. Against the cage, Morales trips Bermudez and gets on top, landing on half-guard. Elbows and punches from top position. For some reason, he puts his neck in direct danger of a guillotine and allows Bermudez to reverse. Round 1- 10-9 for Morales.

Round 2 – Morales presses in again and tries his straight right, but it’s blocked. Bermudez tries a shot and appears to take a punch that staggers him and prevents the takedown. Morales not taking the bait to go to the mat. He’s working combinations. Bermudez shoots from the open and is way short. Tries again and pulls guard, and Morales is forced to settle into guard. Bermudez starts looking for submissions. Morales’ corner telling him to get up. After a short struggle, he does. Nice leg kick. Morales again looking for those combinations, but Bermudez is elusive. They clinch up, and Bermudez immediately attacks with a guillotine, wrapping the head. Morales goes to his back and rolls, hoping to alleviate the pressure. Nowhere to go, and Bermudez gets the submission and his first UFC win.

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