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UFC On ESPN 8 Results - Alistair Overeem Stops Walt Harris In A Two Round Grueling Battle

UFC On ESPN 8 Results - Alistair Overeem Stops Walt Harris In A Two Round Grueling Battle

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Heavyweight contender Alistair Overeem was really the center of attraction as Walt Harris received such an emotional welcome back to the cage following the death of his Daughter but was able to do everything necessary to take home a win in the UFC on ESPN 8 headliner on Saturday night at VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville Florida, broadcasted Live on ESPN.

Overeem (46-18 MMA, 11-7 UFC) was part of those fighters , who showed care when Harris went through those trying times but kept to his word to stick to business when they eventually met in Saturday night. Overeem was able to overcome the early charge from Harris, scored a highlight reel TKO victory at exactly 3:00 of the second round.
UFC On ESPN 8 FULL Card Results

The victory was Overeem's 65th fight as a professional and the win wasn't an easy one as he dug deep, connected the nessesary strike…

Bellator 186 : Ilima Macfarlane def. Emily Ducote Full Fight Video (Inaugural Flyweight Title Fight)

Bellator 186 : Ilima Macfarlane def. Emily Ducote Full Fight Video 
(inaugural women’s flyweight title) 


Ilima-Lei Macfarlane wins the title by submission (armbar) at 3:42 in the fifth round to win inaugural women’s flyweight title

Watch and Download Bellator 186 : Ilima Macfarlane def. Emily Ducote Full Fight Video 

Round By Round

Round 1: Both women tapped gloves during referee instructions then ran to the center with no additional tap to get the fight going. Macfarlane presses Ducote into the cage at 37 seconds. Ducote tries to scoot away and Macfarlane grabs a clinch to throw knees then shoves Ducote away at 1:03. Macfarlane lands a left and keeps coming forward. Ducote twists Macfarlane away as she considers a level change. Both women move back to the center. Macfarlane is picking up the pace with her strikes and grabs another clinch for some knees to the body. Macfarlane scores a takedown at 2:57 and takes the back with one hook in. She can’t get the neck but she does blast Ducote in the head with elbows. Macfarlane traps an arm and teases an armbar. She goes for it with 10 seconds left but Ducote doesn’t tap. 10-9 Macfarlane.

Round 2: Ducote has blood leaking from her nose early in R2, and Macfarlane is more than happy to target it with jabs. Ducote lands a kick but is still being eaten up by the hands. Macfarlane drills her with a right hook. Another leg kick lands for Ducote at 2:41. They start trading leg kicks. Ducote scores occasionally, Macfarlane scores frequently. Macfarlane lands a stiff left hook in the waning minute of the round. Macfarlane drops for a single leg late but Ducote slips out of it. 10-9 for Macfarlane.

Round 3: Ducote has been blacked up around both eyes. Macfarlane clinches up with her as we pass the 90 second mark and drives hard knees into the body. Ducote can’t get away until 2:16. Two right hooks blast Ducote. 1-2 combo connects. Ducote loops out hooks that don’t change the equation. Macfarlane goes for a single leg and Ducote pushes down on her head to try and break the takedown, widening her stance as she does. Macfarlane stays committed and Miragliotta calls for more action from both fighters. Ducote keeps her balance as Macfarlane goes hard for the double, but finally at 4:33 she gives it up. Macfarlane rides on top for another 10-9.

Round 4: It’s desperation time for Ducote as she has a 3-0 hole to dig her way out of. Macfarlane tries a spinning backfist at 1:23. Macfarlane continues to circle and bang, not fearing the counter nor the power of Ducote, digging to the body at her leisure and with pleasure. Anything she wants to throw seems to connect. Ducote keeps coming forward and making it even easier for Macfarlane as she can catch an opponent coming into her range. She throws Ducote to the ground at 4:20 but Ducote manages a reversal with short time left. It doesn’t change the round as far as I’m concerned — it’s still a 10-9 for Macfarlane.

Round 5: All Emily Ducote is showing us at this point is that she has the cardio to go the distance. Other than that she’s got nothing for Macfarlane at this point. Macfarlane is minutes away from becoming the inaugural 125 pound champion. Macfarlane pulls guard looking for a submission and Ducote is going nowhere fast. Macfarlane has her legs all the way around Ducote’s neck. Miragliotta warns both women to work harder. If Ducote moves an inch either way though Macfarlane could easily cinch up a triangle or an armbar. That’s exactly what she does - Ducote taps to the armbar with under 80 seconds left.

Final result: Ilima-Lei Macfarlane wins the title by submission (armbar) at 3:42 in the fifth round .

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