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Reactions From Other F1 Drivers Over Hamilton-Vettel Incident

Reactions From Other F1 Drivers Over Hamilton-Vettel Incident

Romain Grosjean

"I have got no idea if it was intentional or not -- only Seb knows. I do not think a race ban would have been the solution or the decision because he's got a stop and go, a 10-second stop and go, it's the toughest penalty you can get when you're driving on track. Yes the move he did is not right and is not what we want to see in Formula One.

"I think he got surprised on the first part of the restart... the hitting on the back then they went side by side then did he really want to turn right, I just don't know, I am not judging anything. I think the race was done, he had the 10-second stop and go penalty, it was what it was. Lewis could keep going without any damage. It looked fine by me and nothing else was needed.
Daniel Ricciardo

"Lewis and Seb have had some battles this year, Barcelona, but for me, sure it was not a common incident what happened in Baku but I still don't think it was enough to have a feud with a guy. If he did it to me, sure I'd be pissed, but once the race was done I'm like okay he did it, and that is it. I understand now they have made up. We will see. For the fans, yeah, I am sure it will stay interesting but I don't see any animosity, I don't sense any of that, so I think it will be fine.

"[In karting] you'd have some battles on track and once the checkered flag was out it wasn't finished, all the way back to the pit lane. Then when you get out it continued. Then the fathers get involved! So in karting it happens quite a lot. Too much actually. Then Formula Renault 2.0 I had some battles, with Roberto Merhi maybe in Dijon one time there was a bit of this. It is fine. Lewis and Seb are so experienced, and for them to have a little battle like we are in school again, they are are more mature than that..."

Felipe Massa

"I really think that maybe he [Vettel] passed a little bit over the limit in what's happened in the last race. I was behind but I couldn't really see very well from the car. Seb just passed a little bit over the limit and he lost the opportunity to complain that Lewis' slowed down too much, maybe Lewis could have been penalised if everything goes in the normal way, on the race. So we cannot decide for what the stewards decide so you need to keep your head cool, calm and I think if you just put the car on the side and push into another car, you'll just lose by doing and I think he did not lose a lot so he was a bit lucky for what's happened.

"He may have even scored more points than Lewis in the race. I think for the driver he is, an amazing driver, he won so many championships, have many amazing experience in Formula One, he's a nice guy outside of the car. I am sure maybe he learned a little bit for what happened this week. Everybody wants to see them fighting completely, fire around the championship, but maybe not in this way.

Kimi Raikkonen

"I have zero interest in getting into it. Obviously Seb got penalised in the race, he lost positions and nothing has happened since then. Obviously you go and talk to them, I have nothing to add or say, absolutely zero to do with me. There was some penalties, fair enough, mistakes have been done, and we go forward."

Fernando Alonso. 

"Emotions are always there. We are humans, we are racing, we are defending our teams, our performance on the track and sometimes in different moments of the race, in different races of the year, in different positions you are fighting for you have here and there little things, little contacts even at the start.

"Sometimes you arrive to the first corner and arrive and have an incident with one driver, for whatever reason in the next three or four grands prix you're with that driver at every single start. It's normal that when you're fighting for the world championship that the first two guys, they have an incident or have any contact there's bigger repercussion as there's a lot of attention on them.

"It's difficult to talk from the outside as you're not the first person involved on that. We did not hear the explanations, we did not saw the data, we did not have any information, so completely supportive of FIA and the decisions they take and now it's time to move on. I heard they move on already and concentrating on Austria so I think all the rest we should do the same, concentrate here and hopefully see a fantastic race again here."

Sergio Perez

"I didn't know what was going on really. I just saw some pieces coming off Sebastian, and I realised that he had hit Lewis. Then he was quite upset and went and smash into Lewis. I was just focusing so much on the restart because at any point Lewis can restart and it's important with such a long start to be focused."

Esteban Ocon

"Everyone here knows that it's a mistake. Sebastian apologised so he knows it was a mistake. He took a penalty for it so it should not happen for sure. We are Formula One drivers, we are pro, we have something to show the young drivers as well. It cannot happen. The question was, is the penalty was big enough or not, then it's not my job to comment on it.

"I think he is the leader, he can do whatever he wants. I think it's a very difficult race start as if you do not get it totally right you're going to be overtaken so it's not easy for the leader to decide when to go on power."
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